How to Become Popular on Smule Sing

Social media plays a critical role in the world of music.

Popular social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have redefined the music scene. However, some social media applications have been designed specifically for the music industry. Among the most popular social media apps in the music world is smule, Android, iOS, PC.

Statistics show that over 4% of the population worldwide is on smule.


The figure continues to increase.

Advancement in technology has played a role in improving human life universally. Technology has made life easier. The music industry hasn’t been left behind.

Smule has a high sharing and collaboration power in the musical scene. It’s essential in understanding music’s strong internal-flair. The app has also proven to be a veritable tool and platform that talented singers can use to showcase their singing to the entire world.

It’s a perfect tool for increasing your popularity in the music industry. With Smule, only the sky is the limit in exploring your singing talent to become popular.

Here’re a few tips to help you become popular on Smule:

7 Tips to Leverage Your Smule Account to Become a Popular Singer Worldwide

    1) Produce high quality audio

Work on producing high quality video and audio from pre-recording to actual recording of your songs. Make sure there’s no noise in your background to improve your audio quality.

Put off your ACs and fans, and close all doors and windows to block noise from your house and outside environment, respectively.

Your performance is live. So, consider it a stage performance. Apply studio effect or echo under great control, with the recommended range being 20% to 30%. This ensures that your vocal is neither thwarted nor sound quality affected.

Make sure that your immediate environment is also ready for video coverage to produce high quality audio. Avoid offensive content to ensure that your song isn’t removed off the platform.

    2) Deliver high quality performance

Practice and rehearse your songs before performance. Prepare well in advance and make sure that you produce professional and interesting song recordings. Post only interesting recordings your viewers are bound to enjoy watching.

    3) Invite other users for collaboration on top hits

Open top hits section and invite other users to join you in performances. This is an excellent way to reach out to more Smule users who can become your followers.

Create OCs and drop videos in top hits to get more people joining you.

    4) Perform professionally

Complement your songs with videos for relevancy and more engaging performances. Produce high quality musical videos with professionalism. Make your environment look professional and use proper lighting for unmatched performance.

5) Develop a good network for interactions

Relate well with other singers on Smule to create connections and build friendships. Interact with your followers and comment on the songs of those joining you. People who read your comments are likely to visit your profile, leave comments and become followers.

6) Join competition

Participate in competitions to increase your viewership and thus popularity. Take part in Smule Picks and create hashtags every week for more viewership. Tag your musical audio or video on Smule Pick to be featured on the homepage and viewed to get more followers.

7) Leverage on communities or groups

Join relevant groups and communities of Smule singers and make posts. Also comments on existing posts or discussions to improve your presence and popularity.

Whether you’re new to Smule or been on the app for a while, you can improve your performance and become popular. Make sure you can sing well and love what you do.