How CBD Can Help Spark Creativity

CBD, or Cannabidiol oil, has become an increasingly popular part of the wellness routine of millions of consumers worldwide. It boasts a wide variety of benefits ranging from its anti-inflammatory properties to the calming, anxiety-reducing effect it has on users. What many people don’t yet realize, however, is its many potential benefits for creatives.

The creative process remains a somewhat neurologically mysterious process. We can’t say with any measure of certainty exactly what is happening in the brain during a creative act. However, what we can be more assured of is what often stands in the way of creative people performing at their peak.

What many musicians, writers, artists, and other creatives often report is that they often face the same blockages when trying to produce a new song, painting, book, or other creative work. Most famously, writers bemoan the infamous “writer’s block,” and the debilitating effect it can have on their workflow. Musicians often experience a similar phenomenon when they are unable to effectively channel their emotional states into the music they produce.

In all of these cases, the common underlying trait is an anxiety-produced sense of paralysis. Many creatives find themselves worrying about the finished product of their creative work before they even put pen to paper or guitar pick to guitar. 

Creatives that suffer from this kind of anxiety may not even be aware of it. What they do know is that as soon as they put pen to paper to write that next word or that next note on a musical scale, they find themselves frozen, unable to take that next creative step. Anxious thoughts often fill their minds, as they find themselves worrying about how their work will be received and if what they are working on is even worth their time.

As this article by the Washington Post reports, anxiety is among the most frequent causes of writer’s block, and one of the most difficult to overcome. As the piece describes, it’s a problem faced even by experienced writers, and by writing teachers.

This sort of analysis paralysis is particularly problematic for creatives, as their logical thinking and over-rationalization often prevents them from letting go, and being led by their creative impulse. While it would be naive to assume that a simple dose of CBD will turn you into the next Mozart, there is good reason to believe that it could remove some of the creative blockages that stand in the way of so many artists and musicians around the world. 

The mechanism for it to do so likely works in much the same way that CBD is effective for users in alleviating insomnia. Insomnia, much like creative blockages, can have many causes. But, one of the most common causes of both is anxiety. 

While CBD doesn’t necessarily alleviate insomnia caused by all factors, it is effective in alleviating insomnia caused by anxiety, as this Daily CBD Mag article notes. It’s natural to assume that it can have a similar alleviating impact on creative blocks caused by anxiety. 

Many musicians and artists have already incorporated CBD into their daily routines and creative workflows. Many of them claim that the anxiety-reducing effects of CBD can help them to calm down and lock into a creative flow. While much of the evidence surrounding its benefits is anecdotal, there has been some research conducted that supports the idea that CBD could be helpful to reduce anxiety in many users.

Moreover, musicians and artists through the decades have been turning to substances they believe will unlock their creative potential. Unfortunately, many of these substances are illegal and very dangerous. It’s truly sad to think about how many creative talents we’ve lost to drug overdoses. 

Of course, a stressful day-to-day routine isn’t a problem unique to touring musicians. Many busy moms are today using CBD as a way to relax, as reported in this article by the New York Times.

Naturally, many creative geniuses turn to drugs given their hectic and chaotic lifestyles. Sadly, for many musicians, self-medicating with illegal drugs was their way not only to open creative doors, but also to cope with the stresses of life on the road, and the ups and downs of the music business. Imagine all of the beautiful music the world could have seen if these creative geniuses were still with.

While CBD should not be thought of as a miraculous cure for any singular medical condition, it’s not far-fetched to conceive that its anxiety-reducing properties could be a gamechanger for musicians dealing with life on the road. This is especially the case when considering that some research suggests that CBD helps users to deal with stress caused by external factors, as this Kyro article notes. Imagine if more musicians turned to safe, natural remedies like CBD rather than illegal drugs to deal with their stress and anxiety and to access their creative potential.

Such a shift would come at an opportune time, as CBD is now legal in the US. Because CBD contains little to no THC, it doesn’t induce the psychoactive effects users associate with “getting high.” That is to say, although it can be derived from the Cannabis plant, it does not generate the same effects of euphoria and sedation that Marijuana does.

Instead, CBD promotes a feeling of overall calmness and serenity that does not impede and may enhance cognitive function. Creatives that use it love the fact that they can remain sharp and alert when using CBD.

CBD is just one among many tools creatives can use to release creative blockages and perform at their full potential. Musicians should always be on the lookout for other ways to unlock their creative potential. Keeping up with a good source of music news and information can be a good step in this direction.

Whether creatives choose to incorporate CBD into their creative process, it’s worth exploring its benefits and potential use cases. Knowledge is power, and the more tools at any creative person’s arsenal, the better.