Enjoy an unforgettable night of pleasure in Christchurch

Just three hundred kilometres outside Wellington, New Zealand’s capital, is Christchurch. This coastal city was founded by the Anglican community in the mid-19th century, although the area had already been populated by the hunter tribes of Moa for thousands of years.

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Christchurch is the third most populated city after Auckland and Wellington. The British colonies founded it, along with the Archbishop of Canterbury, with the purpose of creating a second Jerusalem, hence its religious name.

You can meet your companion at sundown, enjoying a wonderful walk through Hagley Park with them. Rent a canoe and row along the Avon, or if you prefer, go for a bike ride. If you’re less interested in parks and prefer the beach, sunsets from Brighton Pier are spectacular, and if you’re more of a mountain person, you can enjoy the impressive views and breathe in the pure air in the Port Hills.

At dusk, one of the hottest points is the Clock Tower, one of the city’s most important historic structures. A walk down Victoria Street will amaze you with its gorgeous iconic buildings.

The streets of Christchurch are splashed with colour. One that you’ll particularly love is New Regent Street, full of colourful shops you can buy things in. If you’ve ever been to Havana, this street will make you feel like you’re in the Cuban capital itself. The street is pedestrianised, but if you get tired or want a different experience, you can take the tram.

If you want to surprise your companion when it comes to dinner, go to the Little High Eatery. This is undoubtedly the best place to enjoy all kinds of cuisine in Christchurch. You’ll find restaurants and food stalls from various countries as well as a shared space to eat in. In any case, the dishes are excellent and very reasonably priced. In New Zealand you’ll find a wide variety of traditional dishes, as well as good restaurants where you can sample the cuisine.

To have a drink in a relaxed setting while you enjoy the urban art, head for Brockworth Street. Christchurch is different from other cities in the country due to its colours and the large amount of graffiti found on its facades. In Brockworth you can amuse yourself reading creative phrases on the walls and enjoying the walls decorated with endless drawings of all kinds.

Everything is beautiful and artful in Christchurch, although the best thing is its women. So if you want to leave an indelible mark on your memory, enjoy the city in good company and don’t miss out on living your New Zealand adventure to the full.