Best Music Streaming Services in 2020

Times have moved on from buying your favourite singles or cd’s whether that be online or having a physical copy of it with the number of streaming services offer now – it doesn’t make sense to be buying each CD individually when you can sign up for a streaming service for minimal monthly payments for unlimited music; today we look into which are the best streaming services for your needs.

The first online streaming service in which we are going to talk about is that of Tidal, the music streaming service that is owned and launched by American rapper Jay-Z. Tidal comes in two price brackets with £9.99/month for the standard subscription of £19.99/month for their HiFi tier. This service is the best service for those looking for the highest quality sound when listening to their music compared to their main rivals; they offer hi-resolution “master” tracks which the sound quality is expectational. The user interface is very simple yet effective but also feels premium enough to know you are using the highest quality streaming service.

Next up, and most common to music fans is Spotify which has the most subscribers out of all the top three streaming services due to its longevity at the top. Not just the 45 million+ songs that is on offer from Spotify huge library, but our favourite feature about is their intuitive discovery features. Another benefit to Spotify is the range of different price brackets in which it offers compared to rivals such as a free tier with adverts, a student tier and a family tier – one of the biggest selling points for the service.

Online streaming services aren’t the online industry in which are benefiting from online alternatives compared to the real life or high street services. For example, online casinos such as at Best Casinos are also experiencing a trend of higher sign up rates of late, you only have to look at The Best Casinos. This is due to the ease-of-access and easy to use interface that online casinos now offer in app form and the ability for all to gamble on the go on their 24/7 service.

Finally, and the newest of the online streaming services on this list is that of Apple Music which of course has a target audience of Apple users and therefore unless you have an iPhone you won’t be able to access it. Costing £10/month is reasonably competitive compared to other rivals and also offers a basic yet effective interface as like every other Apple product. Although the Spotify’s recommendations out qualify Apple’s, we do like their Essentials playlist for each specific artist.