Auto Suspension Advice – What Are Coilovers & Why Buy Them?

When you look online for ways in which to enhance your vehicle, you will almost certainly have seen coilover kits advertised. Now, you might be thinking that only real gear heads want to drop their ride and whilst you might be partially right, they do offer much more than super-cool aesthetics.

What are coilovers? Well, they’re basically an aftermarket upgrade that can be added to any vehicle to improve its looks and handling. If you’d like to know more on the subject, we encourage you to keep reading to the end!

What Are Coilovers? It’s Kit that Improves Handling

Coilovers come in many types and are manufactured by a variety of different companies. They vary in quality and price, but they all do the same basic job – improving how your car brakes, corners and handles in general. With coilovers fitted to your car, you’ll really notice the difference.

You’ll typically get a stiffer ride with coilovers, which means you feel the road better and have better control whether on the track or in the city.

What Are Coilovers? They’re an Upgrade to Your Car’s Style

When talking about the ‘what are coilovers?’ question, you can’t help but mention the difference they make to how your car looks. A car with dropped suspension is undoubtedly a cool thing, especially when the tyres have negative camber. The great thing about coilovers though, is that you can adjust them to suit your precise needs.

If you’re going to spend a day speeding around the track, then you can adjust them for optimised racing, however, when you’ve finished, you can raise your suspension for greater day to day driving comfort. It’s perhaps their adjustability that makes coilovers so popular with motorists.

Coilovers Are the Automotive Gift that Keeps Giving

A good quality coilover kit will cost you a fair chunk of change, of that there is little doubt, however, you shouldn’t think of that initial expense for too long. That’s because the investment you make in your car’s looks and handling is something that will pay you back every time you drive it.

You could say that coilovers are the gift that just keeps on giving to any motorist that’s willing to take the plunge and buy a set.

What Are Coilovers? Something that Improves Your Entire Car!

There are no two ways about it, coilovers are the best investment you could make if you’re looking to improve your ride. Nothing else that’s available is going to change how your car drives so fundamentally, as well as adding some welcome kudos. That’s why we would always start with your suspension before anything else when upgrading your car.

If you are looking for a name you can trust in aftermarket suspension upgrades, you should look no further than Springrates. Not only do they have an unmatched selection of suspension parts, but their prices are attractive and they even offer free shipping within the US. To find out what we mean, head over to their website and take a good look around.


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