5 Gift Ideas Perfect for Music Lovers During Quarantine Life

Each person has their own unique way of adapting to the isolation, loneliness, and boredom that often comes with the reality of quarantine life. The reality of the Coronavirus and how it’s shifted our daily lives has presented many of us with a challenge. As many people look inward as they are forced to spend more time alone, it becomes increasingly necessary to find sources of pleasure that can be enjoyed in solitude.

The lure of thousands of hours of streaming content available through services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu are an obvious diversion. But, many people under quarantine are looking for a more mindful and interactive way to spend their free time. For these individuals, life in quarantine has provided a unique opportunity to discover new music and to reconnect with their favorite songs and musicians from childhood.

It also comes as no surprise that the live streaming of music on social media by both prominent and amateur musicians has experienced a boom since much of the world entered into lockdown. Live streaming offers music lovers the chance to enjoy their favorite songs as well as connect with many of their musical idols. It’s given amateur musicians to grow new audiences that might not otherwise have been online to listen to them.

There is no question that quarantine life has changed the face of the music industry and provided a way for many people to cope with more time in solitude. Everyone has their own way of adapting to the new normal. So, let’s explore five gift ideas for the music lovers in your life that can make quarantine life more bearable.

1.  Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Any music aficionado will tell you that it’s not just what kind of music you’re listening to, but how you’re listening to it. Different songs and even entire genres of music can take on new life depending on how they are listened to. Songs with heavy bass like those found in the House and Dubstep genres, for example, simply aren’t the same when listened to on a cheap headset that can’t properly accentuate those low notes and tones.

Similarly, background noise can often distract from the experience of the listener and the subtleties of the song. Noise-canceling headphones are a great tool to fully immerse yourself into music while undergoing quarantine. It gives the listener a chance to transport themselves into a different musical landscape and take a psychological break from the stress of world events.

For all of that to happen, though, the listener must completely immerse themselves in the music, and noise-canceling headphones can help do just that. 

Noise-canceling headphones could help make life under quarantine into a fruitful period of reflection and introspection which is sorely needed by many. In fact, they are so effective that they are even being used by students under quarantine to avoid distractions, as reported in this piece by the LA Times.

2.  A Music Streaming Subscription

In the past few years, the music streaming industry has exploded and the market has been flooded with innovative music streaming service providers ranging from Spotify to Apple Music, to Google Play Music, to Amazon Music. It would seem that just about every massive tech company wants a piece of the music streaming market. While some music purists long for the return of CDs, mixtapes, or record players, most music lovers enjoy the many features offered by modern music streaming services.

Companies like Spotify have made listening to music into a more social phenomenon by allowing users to follow their friends on the platform and see what music they’ve been listening to. Social connection is often hard to come by in life under quarantine and the fact that these streaming services offer a way to connect with others is a huge value add.

Even Youtube has become among the most popular music streaming sources, as reported in this piece by the Washington Post.

Most streaming services offer gift cards. Simply buying a gift card from their website or a local music shop could be a simple but lovely gift for a music lover. 

3.  A Music Visualizer

Music visualizers have long been used by listeners to enjoy music in a fuller and more immersive way. Very often, music can open the senses and transport listeners to different mental landscapes.

This is especially the case since music is so often associated with meaningful experiences. Any music lover will remember when their favorite childhood song transported them back to memories of a simpler time. 

Many of us relate our favorite songs to some of the most meaningful, coming-of-age experiences of our lives. A nostalgic song listened to without distraction can bring back memories of first loves, family, and childhood friendships. 

Some people listen to music directly before sleep, allowing them to influence their dreams and other visual perceptions. A music visualizer can be a great tool to open the doors of imagination and introspection. Whether you choose a free option or one of the paid visualizers on the market, they can make a great gift for any music lover.

4.  iHome Shower Speaker Mirror

Many music lovers enjoy listening to music in different surroundings and settings. It’s a luxury that many can’t afford while living life in lockdown or quarantine. Many listeners who preferred to listen to music on a rooftop, at a house party, or in their favorite nightclub or bar, are now only able to hear their favorite songs from their bedroom.

A shower speaker mirror can be a great way to mix up where you listen to music from within the home. Hearing a favorite song while brushing your teeth and getting ready in the morning can set the tone for the entire day. 

The iHome Shower Speaker mirror can be operated via Bluetooth, is compatible with Google and Siri voice commands, and can charge a smartphone while playing your favorite tunes. It’s the perfect addition to any music lover’s bathroom, especially while navigating the ups and downs of quarantine life. You can find it in this gift guide from Cool Things Chicago.

5.  A Band T-Shirt 

Most music lovers will remember proudly sporting their favorite band’s t-shirt. More often than not, a beloved band t-shirt can bring back the memories of seeing the band live or listening to them on a road trip. Seeing as many listeners can’t see bands live due to quarantine rules, a band t-shirt is a great way to reminisce about your favorite live shows.

In fact, many people are turning to so-called “quarantine concerts” that are live-streamed online in place of live shows, as reported in this piece by the New York Times.

Since many music lovers are working from home and therefore not required to dress up, a band t-shirt can be the perfect choice of loungewear. Make sure you do your homework to find out the favorite band of the music lover in your life, and a t-shirt could be the perfect gift.

When searching for the right gift, make sure to consider the musical taste of the recipient. Music enthusiasts can often be specific in their preferences.

These gift ideas should offer a good place to start, but it could be helpful to keep up with a good music publication to keep your finger on the pulse of musical trends that are developing while quarantines continue. Best of luck, and happy listening.