5 Books that Everyone Should Read in 2020

Nothing can be as refreshing as reading your favorite book while resting on your stylish chair. Undeniably, there’s something special about books. It pushes ourselves to interact with characters, ideas, stories, and take us to a multifaceted world. Soon the experiences become a treasured and significant part of our life. Isn’t it? To double fold your experience, we’ve come up with the top 5 books that everyone should read. You can give a sweet touch to your reading by listening to the best music albums of 2020. Guaranteed, my friend, you will fall in love with this stable source of companionship.

Top 5 Books to Read In 2020

Cloud Atlas

This prize-winning novel is a very clear and touching story about moral choices. The structure of this book will mesmerize you completely. David Mitchell, the author of the book, has weaved six interrelated stories that help you in tough times. It explores the boundaries of good people and bad people.

Even Bill Gates, 2nd richest person in the world, recommends reading it. Surely, you will catch and relate all the stories to whatever you are going through. Go and try this mind-bending novel.

Topics of Conversation

This formally adventurous novel is making its debut for the last two decades. It’s a conversation between women about various subjects. Miranda Popkey, the book’s author, describes loneliness, guilt, anger, feminism, art, and desire. It’s written in such a way that it sizzles with eroticism and intelligence.

The gifted novelist illuminate’s nature of storytelling while bringing the stories to live out of fiction. You will love the exclusive conversation if you are hungry for experiences. You’ll talk about “Topics of conversation” for a long time after finishing it.

The Outsiders

If you love reading classic literature, try these 50-years of the iconic classic. It’s a heroic story of belonging and friendship. The story includes Ponyboy, who was sure life was not so easy. He knows there’s no use of counting on his brothers and friends. Eventually, one night something took him too far. Excited to know what was it?

Figure it out in this enduring and dramatic work of fiction by S.E. Hinton. This remarkable novel has transformed thousands of lives. Believe it or not, this bestseller will inspire you from within. It will give you a whole new perspective on life and friendship.

Perfect Tunes

It’s an intoxicating blend of love, family, and music written by Emily Gould. She illustrates profound stories of loss, heredity, parenthood, and love. You will love this mind-blowing book filled with unspeakable insights.

The tender-hearted, wise, and funny stories explore faulty lines in relationship. Thus, helps you to reclaim harmony and dissonance in love life. Emily Gould has mixed poignant tale with a delightful touch of music. The articulated text will feel like something that has never been previously acknowledged.

Along with this, she offers you the opportunity to understand the weird after-effect and exigencies of life. She talks about those before and after moments that ripple you out from catastrophe.

Notes From An Apocalypse

This book articulates the story about a small group of women and men who fear the changing climate’s ravages. It prepares men and women for the end of civilization. It’s a perfect handbook for those who want to read an insightful and extraordinary story. Notes from an Apocalypse is also a mixture of political critique, a comic monologue, meditation, and confession.

Mark O’Connell, the brilliant writer of the book, opens our eyes that’s bounded by fear for the future. You can consider it a penetrating investigation which shapes our climate rage and collective indifference. It helps you to reject negativism and turns you toward joy.


Whether reading is your hobby or wants to hit some books, these five books are a must to read. You will correlate to the memories shared in these books. This rejuvenating activity, when coupled with the best music albums of 2020, elevates your mood.

Reading gives the purpose of life while you experience numerous transitions. Furthermore, it makes you optimistic, painstakingly, and breathlessly alive. In addition to this, it gives you room for language and grammar development. So, it’s a win-win grab for enthusiastic readers who want to learn new words.


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