Will Amazon collect returns?

No matter how clever you think your buying strategies are, no matter how much research you put into your purchase, not all purchases turn out well. We’ve all been there. We’ve all had that experience when we’ve bought something and regretted it immediately, because either the item had issues or it just wasn’t what we wanted.

And luckily, many stores offer Return options for the products they sell. You can simply take the product to the store, return it, and the store will reimburse you for it, under their own conditions.

But what about online purchases, especially from a platform like Amazon? Amazon doesn’t have physical stores, instead it has sellers selling products online.

So, since most of us opt to buy from Amazon these days, the burning question is:

Does Amazon collect returns? Let’s find out.

If you check the Help and Customer Service section on Amazon, you will come across a tab which says Return, clearly indicating that Amazon has something set up for returns.

But what exactly is that something?

We at Got Suspended? Amazon account services are going to go over a couple of ways which you can use to return products you’ve purchased from Amazon.

Before we go any further, we’d like to remind you that Amazon usually gives you a timeframe of 30 days from the day you receive your products for you to send it back to them.

So, here goes:

Ask Amazon for it!

If you receive products from Amazon via mail, you can send it back the same way. You just need to ask Amazon to send you a “return code” which you can print out, stick on the product you want to return, and then mail it back to Amazon. The label you get is going to be specifically for UPS. You can either ask a UPS store to print and stick the label, or you can even have them come over and pick up the product from your doorstep.

Here’s the catch:

Returns are usually not free on Amazon. For every step of the way, a fee has to be paid. Just keep that in mind when you want to return stuff to Amazon.

Use Amazon Pickups

If you’ve got one of these Amazon pickup spots near your area (they also call them Hub Lockers, to make it sound cooler), you can just take your products there, and put’em in one of the lockers. The rest is taken care of. You just need to get a code by applying for one online on Amazon’s Returns tab, and your item needs to be small. Because, hey, it’s a locker…you can’t fit a piano in there! The downside to these lockers or “hubs” is that they are relatively new and aren’t necessarily available everywhere.

These are two ways you can return your purchased items to Amazon. And yes, we said all of this to affirm that Amazon does indeed accept returns. If there’s one thing Amazon has a ton of, it’s loopholes. And here at Got Suspended?, we know a ton of them! For example, we know how to get your account back if you’re suspended, and we can appeal Amazon suspension cases with high success! If this is something you’re looking for, look no more and give us a call!