TOP 5 most advanced and technological robots in the world

Robots are everywhere now – from virtual assistants to automated butlers and cleaning robots; the era of machines is already here! For those interested in the robot world novelties, we present a list of the most advanced robots and androids existing today.

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Here is our list of state-of-the-art robots:

1. CloudMinds XR-1 (nicknamed “Ginger”)

This is a humanoid robot; it is originally created for the role of maintenance personnel. The robot’s peculiarity is that its artificial intelligence works with the 5G cloud system; it updates data daily and constantly learns.

Ginger lives in hospitals, and his goal is to serve patients: temperature measurement, food delivery, and cleaning. He can also brighten up the loneliness of patients in the wards: to entertain them with a conversation or to play.

2. Handle

The two-meter robotic loader. This robot can develop a speed of up to 4 m/s on a flat surface, lift loads up to 45 kg, and jump a meter high. Handle is a cross between an electric scooter and the Atlas humanoid.

The battery charge lasts for 24 km. The total weight is 105 kg. The precise coordination system helps him to maneuver so that he remains stable even on the stairs. The machine is often called “Tyrannosaurus”, and there’s a theory Handle will bee soon replacing all the low-skilled workers.

3. RoboPony

RoboPony is a yellow six-wheeled courier robot. It is able to work without recharging for up to 12 hours and drive at a speed of 8-10 km/h.

The accuracy of determining the place of delivery is 1-3 cm. It can hold up to 30 kg of cargo, which is thoroughly disinfected with ultraviolet light on the way.

4. Spot and SpotMini

These robots are quite durable, as they were originally made for rescue operations. The Spot model is similar to a large dog, withstands 23 kg of weight and operates autonomously for 45 minutes.

Spot has become a viral YouTube star a couple of times. Having learned how to climb stairs and overcome obstacles, the robot inspected the construction sites in Japan – several videos were made about it.

The SpotMini robot is more compact and more efficient. It is made for home and office: the hand-manipulator is serving drinks and throwing out the trash.

In terms of popularity, it does not lag behind its older brother: at the MARS-2018 exhibition, Amazon founder Jeffrey Bezos took a walk with SpotMini on the lawn in front of the Expocentre.

5. Atlas

This one is an improved version of the human-robot. He can walk on rough terrain (even on loose snow), carry loads, and climb obstacles using his hands.

To facilitate the construction, some parts of the robot were made with a 3D printer. Atlas is equipped with a stereo vision system and a rangefinder.

Most of the scandalous experiments fell to his lot. In 2016, he became famous all over the world for a video where a company employee pushed him with a club and knocked the box out of his hands. A year later, the Boston Dynamics robot did a back somersault and was able to stand on one leg for a long time.

Then he showed his parkour skills, climbed on racks, and jumped over logs. Such “street acrobatics” allows Atlas to be used in search operations – and even in extreme conditions.

To conclude

We hope that you have learned something interesting from our list. These amazing robots are so fascinating!