Things to Do on The Olympic Peninsula

Things to Do on The Olympic Peninsula

One of the older national parks in the United States, the Olympic National Park, is located in the far northeast part of the country, approximately three hours west of Seattle. The park is inside the Olympic Peninsula, and it has incredibly diverse ecosystems that include glaciated mountains of the Olympic Mountains range, temperate rainforest, and rugged coastline. In one place you can find waterfalls, great lakes, mountains, and sandy beaches. Parts of the park are remote wilderness with abundant animal populations, and there are numerous trails to explore the incredible natural beauty of the park.

What is the best time of year to visit the Olympic National Park?

besides the diverse landscape, the Olympic Peninsula is known for its unpredictable weather. You can have pouring rain in the west part, where the rainforest is situated, and it’s the second rainiest place in the US second to parts of Hawaii, and in the other part of the park, there can be the sun. The beautiful coastline is often engulfed in fog, and you should watch for tide if you are walking along the coast. The best time for the visit is in the summer months. July and August have the highest temperatures, but it rarely gets scorching. All the park facilities, roads, and activities are open, and you can do most of your visit.

 Airbnb Olympic National Park

The whole area is scarcely populated, with Port Angeles being the only more significant settlement. There are some hotels and motel accommodation, but if you come in high season, you might struggle with finding a room. You should probably check the Airbnb offer as the best option for a cozy place. You could discover cabins, log cabins, bungalows, and regular houses. Most of the Airbnb houses are around Lake Pleasant and Lake Creek, which can be an excellent hub for exploring the pristine nature of the park.

Olympic National Park entrance fee

If you are planning on exploring the Olympic Peninsula in-depth, you should consider at least a couple of days to go through all of the natural diversity park offers. In 2018 National Park raised the entrance fee to $30 for vehicles and $25 for motorcycle. People pay $15 for entrance fees into Olympic National Park.

 Olympic National Park tour

The park covers a large area of 922,650 acres, and you will have to try hard to see all the attractions it offers. One of the best ways to explore Olympic National Park is with a guided tour. Some tours cover the whole park and others that focus on the particular areas like Hurricane Ridge or Hoh Rain Forest. There are small and luxury group tours and one day tours from Seattle. You could decide on the best trips by examining the itinerary. If it covers the main attractions like glacial mountains, lakes, rainforests, waterfalls, and the beach, you should consider it.

 The closest airport to Olympic National Park

Before you start planning the Olympic Park visit, consider the esta application usa process. For all countries that can enter the Visa Waiver program, answering esta application questions is a mandatory procedure. It is quite straightforward, and there is a small fee when applying online. The administration will examine your application and determine whether you are eligible to enter the US. If you get permission, you can explore US attraction for 90 days, and the ESTA permit is valid for two years, so you should apply as soon as you think of the new American destination.

To get to the Olympic National Park, the best way is from Seattle, where the closest airport lays. Seattle-Tacoma airport is quite busy with more than 30 airlines operating there. The airport is around 130 miles from Port Angeles and the Hurrican Ridge park entrance. Another option is to take the ferry from Seattle, which will cut time on driving. The Victoria International Airport in Canada is the second closest to the park, and it is around 42 miles from the Hurrican Ridge.

Olympic north coast wilderness trail

One of the most popular ways of exploring the coastal part of the Olympic peninsula is through the north part of the coast wilderness trail. You will need a couple of days to go through all the ruggedly beautiful coastline with breathtaking views, abundant wildlife that include sea lions, seals, eagles, and if you are lucky whales. You will need to watch on a tide that can slow the hike. Some of the attractions along the trail are La Push Beaches named First, Second and Third with a beautiful rock formation in the ocean. Rialto Beach has plenty of trees lying on the coast, which makes it a bit spooky.  Cape Flattery and Ruby Beach are also among notable places where you can enjoy views.


Olympic National Park is worth at least a three to four days visit to explore the rugged and beautiful coast, temperate rainforest ecosystem, big lakes surrounded by forest, and glacial mountains. Check the weather forecast frequently and do not go exploring the peninsula wilderness without proper equipment.

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