Learnings from Quarantine

This pandemic has taught us a lot of things. Whether it’s intentional or accidental learning, we’ve learned how we can adapt to various changes. The change is still ongoing but so far we’ve listed a few things we’ve learned from the quarantine lifestyle.

Working From Home is Possible

We’re so used to the usual setup of grouping work in the office that we did not realize that working from home is achievable. Some micromanaging upper management personnel may not be keen on this setup but it is happening out of necessity and yes, it’s still productive. Though this may not apply to frontliner work roles (salute to them), this is how we can assist them, by not adding to the statistics, not adding to their heavy workload. We realize the importance of health and the health sector.

Lots of Us Care

Adopting or fostering of dogs and cats in animal shelters increased. It’s surprising that we often criticize humanity for being cruel (yes, we can be) yet we know how to care, how to trigger innate empathy. Maybe if we water and nurture that quality, it will bear good fruit like how we try to care for our plants at home. When we nurture self-love, that love can spill over to the other individuals around us. Mindfulness is an admirable quality.

Lots of Us Are Creative

With all these time of staying at home, we’re near our resources for getting creative whether it’s cooking, baking, music, art, or dancing *insert TikTok*. It may seem silly, or seem like nothing grand but it can actually be a good self discovery to various possibilities — a new trend, a new business idea, and so on.

Social Media & Technology Deserves Good Credit

We often criticize technology for letting us become a slave to it or for giving us various negative content. Yes, there is truth to that. But on the other side of that coin are benefits for us as well like keeping us in touch with family and friends no matter the distance, giving us access to educational materials, access to news, giving us something to work on, allowing us to get the things we need easily by shopping online, and entertaining us.

As of July 2020, statista.com reported that the 10 most popular social media apps worldwide (ranked by active user count) are Facebook, Youtube, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Instagram, TikTok, QQ, Sina Weibo, and Reddit. But TikTok is the dark horse here for it seems to be the newest craze although it was launched back in 2016. Having the right Apple iphone accessories definitely helps in creating awesome TikTok videos.

With so many people having suffered and are continuously suffering from the pandemic, it seems bad to be grateful for it yet we look at the silver lining to assist us in surviving this event. We have to adapt and move forward. We must stay safe so keep on working, caring, creating, and giving credit.

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