Can Online Slots Make You Rich In 2020?

There are absolutely tons of high payout slots out there and the simple answer is  yes, if you’re lucky, you can actually get rich by playing them. In the numerous online casinos out there – especially the ones you can find on New Casinos UK – you’ll encounter different varieties of slot games. These varieties include Video slots, the well known fruity slot machines and even jackpot slots with where players can win millions.

There are players out there who make their living through online gambling, using a blend of carefully crafted strategies, tactics and plain old simple luck. For you to be able to have some success in real money online slots in 2020, you must adhere to the same set recommendations, strategies, and tricks.

The following is some of the main things you want to be looking at when playing for maximum profit:

RTP Percentage

Before you think about the opportunity to win real money in online slot games, you must pick the type of game you want to get involved in. Each online slot game comes with a set of unique rules and a unique RTP percentage. 

The meaning of RTP is the ‘Return to Player,’ and this explains the amount of money that goes to the player after a long range of spins on the slot machine on average. This is presented in a percentage, and it’s mostly given as the percentage of what’s wagered in the game that has been received back by players in the past i.e. 96%.

Players must consider the RTP percentage as an essential aspect if they are to get winnings on online slots.  Many people come to the games not just to enjoy them, but also to make some money. Every slot game will have an RTP presented on the information page – You have to understand this as a player for you to be able to determine how to win slot games.

Best Games Where You Can Win Big

There are some online casino slot games that offer greater percentages of winnings to players than slot games. These include:

  • Poker

Poker is one of the games where you can win big money. It’s easy to learn and hard to master. Here, you can enjoy an RTP of up to 99.5% with a bit of luck and a lot of skill and no poker game ends without a winner. 

Because of this, poker has the highest winning percentage among any casino games. In this game of chance, you have to deal with cards and other players, as players square up against each other and struggle to win money that was wagered by other players. This differentiates it from other forms of games.

  • Blackjack

After poker, the next most profitable casino game is Blackjack. This is a game where the casino has no input on the outcome. Many players play and make a living out of the game in a routine manner. 

The game involves random cards and the winner emerges through personal strategy and tactics. This is different from poker only because there’s a chance that no player wins.

  • Slots

Different slot machines exist, and you choose according to what you prefer. They are all of different RTPs, just as we’ve said before. That’s why you must understand the RTP percentage of each slot before you delve in. Also, there’s a huge difference in the gameplay between video slots and other casino games like blackjack and poker.

Tricks and Strategies Employed By Players to Win At Online Slots

Players can employ a number of tricks and strategies to help them get rich through online slot games. We’ve reviewed the strategies and tricks below, so you should read and understand them.

  • Bonuses

Slot players are offered a lot of online bonuses when they fund their casino accounts. In some cases, they get a 100%  match of any amount they pay in, while in other cases, it can be more and even have some free spins on top. 

This bonus money is available to be used on slot games and helps players to overcome the house edge because it offers free money. But players should also be aware of the terms and conditions that are normally attached to the use of the bonus money. The terms and conditions differ in different casinos – make sure you understand them before you opt-in for any bonus.

  • Slots Tournaments

You can increase your bankroll by playing in slots tournaments, though not all casinos offer them. They are organized regularly by casinos that offer them. Here, an entry fee is set for players to register, and the winner goes home with a prize amount that can involve a huge amount of money.

  • Slots Promo and Comp Points

Some casinos offer reward programs where you earn points while playing. These comps can be exchanged for money in the future – and this extra money could offer more chances of winning to the players. Since it’s practically free money, you can’t lose with them!

  • Progressive Jackpots

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In the end, luck is not counted as a strategy for those seeking to become rich. But you can get lucky at the progressive jackpots. With a high prize, you can actually overcome the house edge. However, to know exactly when the progressive jackpot is profitable, you’ll need to understand the house edge. You can only win when you hit at the time it’s profitable.

All in all, the same way people get rich through other sporting activities, people can also get rich playing slots.