5 Great Online Communities for Music Lovers

If you’re at home, heading to work, or with friends, having music on as you go about your day to day life can boost your mood, lower stress and strengthen learning and memory. While many of us like listening to music, there are others who live and breathe it, so regardless of what genre interests you the most, engaging with likeminded individuals can be a great way to expand your music taste.

Whether you simply enjoy listening to music, writing music, or producing, there are tons of online communities that allow you to share your views with others and showcase your talents. Here are 5 great online music communities that you must check out today.


If you love to produce music, platforms like Splice have close to a million samples, presets, and loops to use at your fingertips. Splice is home to thousands of music lovers across the country, building a community that enables you to search for each other’s music and collaborate. There is the ability to browse public sessions, preview your favorite new artists, and use their own online player to stream your own music as well as other people’s. 


Kompoz enables you to produce music in real time with producers from across the globe. Whether you find a guitar player in London or a saxophonist in Malaysia, you can work with them seamlessly through the platform’s cloud-based collaboration tools. What makes Kompoz stand out from competitors is that it’s free to join. While there are lots of benefits you can gain with a free account, there is the option to upgrade to get the full Kompoz experience. 


Not only does Vocalizr allow you to connect with producers, you can seek out vocalists who you may want on your track. Regardless of your music taste, you are sure to find a vocalist who can enhance your songs and bring them to life. We all want a good vocal hook on our tracks, so connecting with vocalists from across the world can be a great way to seek out the best talent around. Simply post your project on the platform and you are sure to find the perfect voice for your music.


Nowadays, streaming is at the forefront of how we listen to music. Whether you’re a lover of Spotify, Apple Music or Tidal, there are many options to choose from. Spooncast is an audio live streaming platform that hundreds of thousands of people use from across the country and world. You can stream your own music live, interact with listeners, and even earn money from fans. Users of Spooncast communicate with their authentic voice, instead of through video or imagery. The signup process is quick and straightforward, meaning you can stream and listen to other people’s shows within a matter of minutes. 


Bandhub is made up of a large society of producers and musicians who are seeking new collaborations. Should you sign up to Bandhub, you will have the opportunity to create your own worldwide band. Any member can record their pieces, and you or another band member can be assigned the title of ‘collab organizer’. Bandhub is a friendly online music community where you can share your music, get feedback, improve on your craft, and make friends with people from all four corners of the planet. What’s more, music collaborations in Bandhub include both video and audio. 

Whether you want to check out new music talent, or share your songs with the world, all the online communities above are great ways to get your name out there, connect with other music lovers and indulge in your passion.