4 Historic Places To Visit Near Nashville

Nashville is an old music city that has grown deep roots over its time.  If you want a place to learn about where our country has come from while offering a glimpse at where we can take it from here: Nashville is the city for you.

Ryman Auditorium

The top music venue in Nashville, this hall has hosted elites like Elvis, Patsy Cline, and Johnny Cash.  Nashville is a city full of music, and because of that, the music hall is full of this rich history.  Because of this history, Ryman Auditorium hosts a few ghosts of its own!  The most famous is the Opry Curse, where 37 new musicians performing for this show met an untimely death.  That show has since been discontinued, which means that you can still enjoy the spooky building without fear of haunting it yourself.

Tennessee State Museum

Although this museum is newer, it can trace its roots back to a smaller museum, built in 1817.  A young man who visited that first museum wrote home that he saw a life-size painting of Andrew Jackson, and that painting now belongs to the TSM.  Although this museum is rooted in the south, it shows both sides of the war.  It offers a glimpse into what life may have been for the people who lived in the not-so-distant past.  

On most days, it may be hard to come to terms with how recent a lot of this history was made, but walking through the halls of the TSM, you’ll realize we’re making history even now.

Country Music Hall of Fame

This hall of fame is a magical place where music comes to be celebrated.  Nashville helped birth so many incredible music careers, so it only fits that they also get celebrated in the city.  The Country Music Hall of Fame is a beautiful building with interactive programming and family-friendly musical events.  It offers memories of music from South Western Country, to modern, and can give inspiration for where we’re going to take music in the future.  

There is a year-round and rotating exhibit, so plan to make sure you get to see what you want to!  Otherwise, you should start looking at Nashville houses for sale so that you don’t have to miss anything!

Centennial Park

This gorgeous park west of Nashville offers a view into the past and a hope for the future.  Taking up 132 acres of beautifully lush greenery, this park is the most beloved by locals.  Originally farmland, this property went through a lot.  It survived the civil war and then became a racing track until it finally settled into Centennial Park.  Looking at it now, you can’t see its rocky past, but it still is coated in history.  

The park hosts its own Parthenon, a copy of the original, that’s home to Athena’s larger-than-life statue.  This statue is the most massive indoor human sculpture in the Western Hemisphere and is coated in beautiful gold.   In her hand is a statue of another god, at scale for human height, to humble us.

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