Worker’s Compensation Benefits – The Comprehensive Guideline Of Work-Related Accidental Benefits

The Introduction 

Most people cannot afford to sit at home and rest if they’ve suffered an injury or illness. This holds especially true for the breadwinners of most middle-income families.

However, if you happen to be the primary breadwinner of your family, and you’ve suffered an injury or illness due to work-related cause, then you don’t have to worry about making your ends meet.

Here’s where worker’s compensation insurance, also known as, worker’s comp, comes into the picture. But, before all that, you certainly would need proper guidance from a workers comp lawyer.

What Does the Worker’s Comp Cover?

If an employee sustains an injury at work or gets ill due to a work-related cause, then the worker’s comp will help cover their

  • Medical expenses

This includes emergency room visits, needed surgeries or procedures, as well as the necessary prescription.

  • Missed wage replacement

If the employee needs to take time off from work to recover, then the worker’s comp replaces the wages the worker has lost due to the recovery period. 

  • Ongoing care costs

Some work-related injuries or illnesses can be quite severe. They may require ongoing care and attention or further surgeries to remedy the problem. This is also an expense that will be covered by the worker’s comp.

  • Illnesses

Some chemicals or allergens can cause severe illnesses, but the symptoms of such illnesses may take a long period to become evident. If the employee has become ill due to the constant exposure to these elements due to work, then the worker’s comp will cover medical treatment and ongoing care

  • Disability benefits

A work-related accident may be such that it renders the employee temporarily or permanently disabled. The coverage you get from the worker’s comp will include medical bills and the lost wages, in such cases.

  • Funeral expenses

If an employee dies due to a work-related accident, then the worker’s comp will cover the funeral costs too. There are death benefits that are provided to the employee’s beneficiaries through the worker’s compensation insurance policy.

  • Repetitive injury

Not all work-related injuries or illnesses are caused by a single traumatic incident. Some work-related injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome take months or years to develop and are diagnosed. 

It is essential to realize that most states require businesses to carry worker’s compensation insurance. But, many states have different rules and regulations concerning the protection of worker’s rights, so you must make sure about the insurance policies provided by the employer before you join work.

Also, the employee may not benefit from the worker’s comp if they were drunk at the time of the accident, or if they intentionally hurt themselves to collect the benefits.

Moreover, if the employee is hurt at any other place apart from work, then, they do not get to use the worker’s compensation insurance policy.

In Conclusion

Now, if you’re wondering if can I collect both Colorado workers’ comp and SSD benefits? Then, we’d recommend getting in touch with a lawyer, particularly a workers comp lawyer who specializes in worker’s compensation benefits to help you become aware of your rights.

 And, to figure out the different areas where you may receive compensation if you’ve sustained a work-related injury or illness.

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