Why Intimacy is an Important Part of Every Relationship

One of the common reasons behind failed relationships is a lack of intimacy. This special connection that you have with your partner can wane at times, however, when it completely disappears, your relationship probably won’t stand a chance. Intimacy is what makes your romantic relationship different from any other one that you have with other people in your life. While you can have intimate bonds with your friends and family members, romantic intimacy has an exclusive physical dimension that is powerful enough to sustain any relationship and decide on its continuity. 

If you get into a relationship with someone who on paper seems to be the perfect fit and checks all of your boxes except for the intimacy part, don’t think twice. Intimacy grows with time, but you need to at least have a foundation for it early on if you are to judge a new relationship as worthy of investing your time and emotions. Because this is such an important topic, here are some reasons to help you further understand the importance of intimacy in every relationship:

It Allows for Effective Communication

Being intimate with your partner helps you both become comfortable in expressing your feelings, fears, and concerns. Couples who know how to communicate have a greater chance at happiness than others who find it difficult to carry out even the simplest of conversations. Being intimate with your partner means that you trust her/him enough to be yourself and speak your mind without worrying that they will misinterpret what you are saying or get offended by your remarks. Most fights between couples happen because of poor communication and intimacy lays the groundwork for you and your partner to become more understanding and considerate towards one another. This will eventually help you communicate better and have a more fulfilling relationship where both of you feel heard and appreciated.

It Makes Way for Better Physical Connection

Finding a physical rhythm with your partner takes time, however, it cannot happen without intimacy. Sex is the physical manifestation of your love and the feelings you have for each other, so unless you have intimacy, you will always feel like this integral part of your relationship is never good enough. According to the Promescent’s guide for better sex life, how you treat your partner outside the bedroom will affect how you interact in the bedroom. If you show your partner that you care and give them the emotional support to become even closer to you, you will cultivate a level of intimacy that will translate to a more satisfying physical relationship that you both crave. 

To Help You Through the Tough Times

There comes a time in any relationship where tensions arise, a sense of restlessness takes over the two of you and you just feel out of sync. During such times of turmoil, intimacy can be the anchor that holds your relationship in place until the storm has passed. Being intimate with your partner will allow for uncomfortable conversions where you can both express how you feel disconnected from one another so that you can work together and find your way back. However, attempting similar conversations in the absence of intimacy, defensiveness and selfishness will often come in the way as each one of you is only looking out for her/himself without paying attention to the other’s needs and feelings. It’s not that you are ignoring your partner, you simply cannot even comprehend what she/he is talking about. If you want to have a strong and resilient relationship that doesn’t easily bruise every time the going gets tough, focus on creating an intimate relationship with your partner. 

It Makes You Want to Be a Better Person

Intimacy with your partner is so special that no other form of intimacy can compare to it. When you are connected by heart, mind, body, and soul, to this special person in your life, you will want to put forward the best version of yourself. No matter how other people see you, you will only care about how your partner sees you. This motivation to be and do more will give you both the chance to build the life that you want, one that is deemed happy for both of you regardless of what other people might think. Furthermore, you will notice that you are becoming better in other aspects of your life motivated by the healthy and harmonious relationship that you have with your partner. 

It Helps You Feel Safe

As human beings, according to Maslow’s infamous hierarchy of needs, psychological safety comes right after our sustenance needs are fulfilled. Having an intimate relationship will make you feel like you always have someone that you can count on and that you are never alone in this life. This yearning for connection can only confirm that we are meant to seek deep, meaningful relationships where we can become intimate enough with others and be vulnerable to unlock a kind of contentment that is otherwise unattainable. When you don’t experience intimacy, you will feel insecure and find it hard to build healthy relationships with others as you will have serious trust issues. Speak with your partner, maybe she/he feels the same way, but never suspected that your relationship had anything to do with these troubles. 

Do a Better Job in Raising Your Kids

Children who grow up in homes where they do not witness intimacy between their parents are more likely to suffer from relationship issues themselves later on in their lives. You have to teach your kids from a very young age about the importance of closeness and intimacy by walking the walk. Let them see how physical and emotional closeness translates into happiness so that they can aspire for the same. Do not shy away from seeking intimacy with your partner for the sake of your kids, because once you have it, the reason won’t matter anymore. 

Habit and routine will always be a part of your relationship, however, make it a point to read the signs early on and take action when needed. As you have read, intimacy can be the answer to most of your relationship struggles. If you feel like you and your partner are growing apart, trust your gut and don’t wait too long before you speak up. The sooner you start looking for ways to get closer, the easier will it be to actually do it.

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