What is Plastic Injection Molding?

No matter which industry we refer to, plastic parts are undoubtedly one of the major input components. Over the last few centuries, plastic has been regarded as one of the most important industrial and residential materials. It can not only be molded into pieces to withstand steel items but also provides enough strength and flexibility to stand on its own.

Though it can be recycled and remade because plastic is a form of chemically produced product, there have been a lot of ways to do so. But before you choose which way you want to opt for, a number of questions might rise up in your mind. Let me get it sorted for you.

Injection Molding

Plastic Injection Molding is one of the most common and easiest ways to manufacture plastic parts while keeping your workload as low as possible. The process requires only three things; an injection molding machine, a mold, and plastic raw materials.

A wide variety of products can be made using this process. Varying in size to varying in shape, each and every shape can be made out of plastic, all you need is a mold to make it so. Ranging from thickness to the slightest of the details, anything and everything you want can be at your ease.

The Process

The process is really simple and takes around 2 minutes to give out the gem you need for yourself. It mainly consists of 4 steps that are explained below.


The first step into the process is the clamping of the molds onto the molding machine. The mold consists of two identical parts within which has empty space for the molten plastic to be filled with.

Clamping is a really important step as if not done properly, and the hot liquid plastic can leak out and cause damage as well as a wastage of time and money.


Once the molds are in place, plastic, mainly in the form of pellets, is fed into the tightly clamped molds. One the pellets are properly placed inside, the injection units start to heat up, and due to high-pressure build-up inside and the high temperature, the pellets are melted down and take shape according to the mold provided.


Once the molten plastic is exactly shaped as per the mold, getting in contact with the interior surface, the mold starts to cool down. As the unit cools, plastic is shaped into the desired part and ready to take QMolding  out.

Note: Before opening, make sure the mold is completely cooled.


As soon as the mold cools down, the plastic is ready to be taken out. As sufficient time passes, the plastic is ejected using the ejection system attached to the rear half of the mold. Though it requires force to pull out the plastic part, it is not so difficult.

Why Injection Molding?

A number of reasons support why injection molding is possibly the best way to manufacture plastic products, few of them are listed below.

Low Scrap Rates: 

The injection molding process requires really less financial input. Compared to other ways of manufacturing, the cost has a significant percentage cut.


The mold can be used as many times as you want to, packing up completely identical plastic parts for you.

Time Span:

The process is solely based on four steps, each requiring as less as a 30 seconds time span. It’s quick and simple.

Looking for One?

Though there are a lot of companies offering Plastic Injection services in China, the best one so far is the Q-Molding.com. It packs the latest and the greatest machinery and services to provide the best possible results for you. The labor is professional and fully trained to bring the good out of their work, ensuring you the best products at your doorstep in no time.

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