Unexpected Crossovers For Country

It’s pretty safe to say that country is a bit of a niche, even if that niche is very huge for the market that it’s in – it’s not often that you see a huge country following outside of the target market within the US but recently there have been moves made to make country popular across multiple genres as we see some really unexpected crossovers for country as a whole.

Perhaps the biggest crossover seen within the past year was in the form that many weren’t too happy with when Lil Nas X teamed up with Billy Ray Cyrus for the re-release of Old Town Road, to many this was something that they didn’t want to be associated with the genre but it went a long way in getting the style out to the wider public who may have otherwise not be too receptive to country – by winning a few awards and reaching the top of different top 10 lists it soon cemented itself as a country hit despite the protest and the unexpected crossover has led to a bit of a resurgence outside of the usual audience.

This is something that has been seen recently in gaming too – the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, a game themed around the old west, had its fair share of country and folk style in there being the first game in quite a while to really bring western and country back into pop culture, and most recently a similar story was told through the release of The Last Of Us 2 which in essence had a lot more leaning toward folk music in the game but still enough so to give the country vibe. This theme has started to spread to the more casual gaming market too as we’ve seen a surge of themed games pop up throughout lockdown, despite recent changes to some initiatives such as Gamstop preventing players from accessing certain game types like online casinos they have continued to thrive in some part due to these pop culture themes, Max Casinos review them and users can see how prevalent the theme is within these games too.

If you are a big country fan, now may be a big time to rejoice – the genre is certainly gaining traction and growing around the world in part due to these unexpected crossovers and although this may lead to some unexpected changes or adjustments for some, there may also be more excitement to come as a crossover to TV is looking likely as many are starting to suspect that westerns may become the next big genre to hit series and movies now we’re leaving the superhero and fantasy trope that has been around for the last few years, but whether or not that’s just a hope based on the number of old west games we’ve seen recently is yet to be seen and may just be a big hope for the fans that have been enjoying a little time in the spotlight.

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