It’s “Now or Never” to Check Out Jessica Lynn’s New Single

This summer has been anything but conventional and reliable, so we are thrilled to bring you a little nugget of awesomeness to brighten your spirit. International touring act, singer, songwriter, and musician, Jessica Lynn, has released her new single, “Now or Never,” and the track is certain to turn your frown upside down.

The upbeat, breezy tune closely follows a more serene “Run to,” showing Lynn’s versatility as she continues to curb the appetites of fans while her tour dates are on hold. The perfect-for-summer, windows down, sunroof open, hair blowing in the wind song also demonstrates Lynn’s playful and optimistic side — which is abundantly apparent on her social media accounts, as well as during her energetic live show.

“Now or Never” also comes on the heels of a musically independent Lynn’s impressive radio success. Lynn, with the help of a small but mighty radio team and her own will to foot the travel expenses to meet those who could spin her singles, serviced two recent singles, “Crazy Idea” and “Let’s Don’t” to No. 48 and 38 on Nashville’s Music Row chart, respectively.

Now, we implore all of you to jump on the Lynn train and help her experience yet another radio victory. Hey, Gabbers — whadda ya say? It’s now or never!

Check out Jessica Lynn’s new single, “Now or Never,” by clicking here or listening via Apple Music below.

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    Lorne Mac dougall

    Great songs by wonderful lady

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