Is Grammar Important in Lyrics Writing?

When it comes to learning English and writing lyrics of any content, there are many aspects that should be acquired by anyone, from learning vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, to knowing how to listen and write. The latter is not only based on knowing how to write words correctly, but on knowing how to write sentences and texts properly. Because the truth is that we do not write as we speak and vice versa, so the writing section must also be learned. So, here we are going to give you tips to improve your writing in English that are important also for lyrics writing as well.

1. Grammar and Spelling

This is one of the main aspects when learning a language, either to speak it or to write it. Writing the words correctly, the punctuation marks, the order of the sentences, whether to ask, deny or construct a verb tense, is going to be something fundamental to be understood, and remember that this is one of the main reasons why we learn languages, to understand and be understood, that is, to communicate. With a good grammar you will earn many points when you become an expert writer of a language. You can also use online applications like Grammarly. The Grammarly free account is enough to save you from making silly grammar mistakes and typos. This application is much more than that since it will give you:

·         Bug fix suggestions.

·         Grammar improvements.

·         Vocabulary improvements.

·         Scoring fixes.

·         Synonyms to improve the sentence according to the context.

Also, there are a few online text checking apps and solutions that check your articles to make sure they are easy to read, free of grammar or spelling errors, but Grammarly goes a step further by also increasing your ability to select appropriate words and expressions. In addition to having a good grammar reviewer and online in real time, Grammarly helps you correct the most common problems and vices that are discussed when writing, such as using excess words.

2. Study Vocabulary

Obviously, the more vocabulary you know, the better chance you have of writing a phrase or saying an expression differently. Your texts will be much more enriched if they demonstrate a great variety of vocabulary and this can be learned from different sources such as movies, series, songs and books. But don’t worry about just memorizing the words and their meaning. Make your study fully perfect with Grammarly, it’s is an excellent and extremely useful tool in the corporate world where contact with colleagues, partners, distributors, etc. is frequent. they only speak English. Likewise, a good or bad writing can make a difference when it comes to achieving objectives such as closing a deal with a company or being awarded a grant.

3. Reading

Through reading, it is possibly the best way to get used to learning correctly the structure of the sentences and the correct writing of the words. Your mind will be capturing each and every one of the ways in which the sentences are built according to their intention and will get used to that way of elaborating them, so that when you have to write them, it will already be trained because the memory of the readings will make writing much more fluid. We recommend that you have a notebook at hand and write down the order of the sentences according to the verb tense, whether it is an interrogation, an exclamation, a denial or an affirmation, and this will help you to store your ideas in a better way and also to ensure that Take a look at those notes from time to time to review, or if you have any doubts when you’re writing.

4. Practice

It doesn’t do to practice a couple of days a week or just a few minutes a day in this process. You must be very insistent and write every day so that custom makes you master the subject. Like any other habit, the more you practice the more you will learn and, in the case of writing, the more fluency and speed you will acquire. At first, quality and quantity are not going to matter, because the idea is to get the habit, but as you progress in the process, every day you see giving more importance to quality. It is also very important to write every day about different topics so that, in addition, the need to use all kinds of vocabulary helps you learn more and your vocabulary is increasing. If a text does not get the result you want, repeat it until it is the way you want, but always remember that you should never stop writing if you want to do it in the most correct way possible.

Remember this last point without forgetting the others and, above all, be patient because nobody does the perfect things the first time and in this thing of learning English many times you learn through mistakes, so get used to them and never stop writing.

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