Top Digital Pianos To Step Up Your Game

So, you are in the market for a digital piano and are trying to figure out what you want. Maybe you’re an artist who needs something portable to take with you to your next singing gig. Or maybe you want to learn how to play the piano and want to start with a digital keyboard. Or maybe you have limited space in your house and don’t have space for a traditional, bulky piano.

Whatever your reason, you might have questions on how to locate the best digital piano. After all, if you’re spending money on a product, you don’t want to end up with something that is cheaply made or that doesn’t have good sound quality.

Finding the right digital piano might seem daunting, simply because of how many options there are. Here are some tips that will help you locate the top digital pianos that are on the market.

Know why you want one

If you’re debating between a digital piano or a traditional piano, reevaluate your reasons for wanting a digital piano. Digital pianos are ideal for those that are unable to afford the cost or the maintenance of a traditional piano.

However, there are other reasons why a person might opt for a digital piano. This includes the fact that certain digital pianos are portable, making them more convenient for individuals that are traveling for stage performances. Many digital pianos also have recording capabilities that traditional pianos do not have.

Make sure it is the right size

Check to make sure that the digital piano you’re considering is the right size. For example, many children learn to play on digital pianos. This means many companies make models that are adjustable in height. You’ll want to make sure you can comfortably sit at the piano.

Also, you’ll want to make sure that the piano is going to fit in the space you have in mind. If you have limited space in your house, you’re going to want to find a piano with the right dimensions. You should also invest into a decent keyboard case, so you can properly store it and take it with you.

Consider sound quality

Digital pianos reproduce sounds from various other pianos and instruments to produce emulated sounds. Generally, you want to look for digital pianos that have more digital memory. This means the piano will have the ability to produce high-quality sounds that sound more similar to a traditional piano.

Also, consider whether or not you want the piano to produce tones and effects from other instruments, such as organs. While this isn’t a feature many pianists will use often, there are ways to use effects to enhance songs.

Think about keyboard response

One of the reasons some pianists dislike digital pianos is because the keyboard response feels different than a traditional piano. This is because traditional pianos have some resistance to the keys, due to the mechanical features that allow the piano to function.

However, many companies have found ways to mimic the traditional hammer and string feeling found in traditional pianos. If you want to mimic this resistance, look for digital pianos that have weighted or semi-weighted keys. This helps make the keys feel more like a traditional piano.

What learning features you want

Another feature that digital pianos have the traditional pianos don’t have is built-in learning tools. For example, some digital pianos can light up cords as they’re being played, which can help a beginner pianist learn different melodies.

Other digital keyboards can be split into different sections, allowing a teacher and a student to work from the same keyboard while having access to the same octaves. If learning tools are part of the reason you’re buying a digital piano, you’ll want to carefully research different models.

Home use or stage use

Finally, consider whether you’re primarily using the digital piano at home or if you want it for stage use. Not all digital piano models will have the sound capabilities to be played on stage. If you’re using it on stage, you want to make sure you can hook up amps or speakers to the piano.

Something else to consider is whether or not you plan to use the piano to record songs. If you are, you might want the ability to hook up a channel mixer.

Final thoughts

Keep in mind that just because a digital piano is cheaper than a traditional piano, you don’t have to give up quality. There are plenty of digital pianos out there, such as the ones found here, that are of excellent quality and are ideal for both beginners and more advanced players.