Spooky Movies That You Can Find on Mediacom On Demand

Let’s face it, the lockdown has affected our physical activity to an alarming extent. The maximum amount of activity that we can do these days is walk from our couch to our room and that’s it. Now that we can see our silhouette in the mirrors forming our image a few inches bigger than the usual, it’s about time we did something about it.

The best way you can control your physique from expanding unhealthily is by burning off all the calories that you’ve gained and you can do that by…………. Watching horror movies!

Yes, the skies have heard you! According to a research by Westminster University, watching scary movies can burn about 113 calories. So, if you feel like you’re doing too much snacking lately, then hop on your couch, grab the remote control and start watching these movies using your Mediacom cable connection, one after the other.

Scary Movies on Mediacom On Demand

Rise of the Gargoyles

If you’re into some gore and suspense, then Rise of the Gargoyles should go in your tonight’s watch-list. The story revolves around a professor, who tries to take on an ancient creature that’s terrorizing the city and causing a blood-spattered havoc.

Behind the Trees

The story of this horror flick revolves around a couple that plans a romantic getaway in the wilderness. Unplanned, they come across the exorcism of an 11 year old girl, whom they try to rescue. Is their decision worth it or not? Let the ending of the movie be the judge of that.

IT: Chapter 2

If you’ve watched its prequel then you can’t leave the movie hanging by not watching it’s sequel. In the second part, Pennywise the clown is back after 27 years and once again the residents of Derry experience some horrific deaths. The Losers reunite one more time to take down the scary clown. Will it be for the last time? You’ll have to watch the movie to find that out.

Lucy in the Sky

Ever since the Dragon successfully docked with the International Space Station a week ago, people have been obsessing about space. If you’re one of those, then you wouldn’t mind watching this flick. It revolves around an astronaut, Lucy Cola, who returns to the Earth after a successful space mission. However, ever since she’s back, she begins losing touch with reality and everything seems different from how she left it.

Ghost in the Graveyard

Martha wants to play and she’s won’t take no for answer, not because she’s a kid, but definitely because she’s a ghost. The plot of this movie helms around Martha, a little girl, who falls to her death inside a grave. Her death is witnessed by the children in the neighborhood and every once and a while, Martha’s ghost pays them a visit. What does the ghost want? Revenge or something else? You’ll have to watch the movie to find that out.


Unfortunately, the world is filled with some obnoxious YouTubers who have zero regard for personal space and often end up breaching into some restricted territories. The story of this movie is no different. It helms around a YouTuber who gets access to an abandoned house, so he could film a vlog. The house was once a part of a grotesque murder scene and the vlogger doesn’t know about the danger he’s about to summon upon himself.

The Wretched

This movie revolves around a teenage boy whose parents are in the middle of a nasty divorce. The boy then comes across an uncanny member in his neighborhood, who may seem like any other woman on the surface, but deep inside she is a gruesome witch. What happens next? Is the witch harmless or not, you’ll have to find that out after watching the whole movie.

So, Which One Are You Watching?

Thank God for Mediacom’s supercool On Demand movie selection because if it wasn’t for it, your time at home would’ve been much boring than you could imagine. The next time you’re feeling lazy to hit the gym, you know what to do! Just turn on your TV and watch movies from Mediacom’s On Demand selection. Subscribe if you haven’t and make your days less boring with Mediacom.