Some of the Best Features to Grow Your Business in Nextiva

As one of the best voice over the internet protocol provider, Nextiva offers you a lot of features. Some people might think that those features are a bit useless. Even though, you can make sure that Nextiva gives those features with a lot of thoughts. Of course, those thoughts are to help you to grow your business through the internet protocol communication. If you are wondering what those features are, then you need to know some of the best features that they have. Here are some of them.

The first unique feature that you can get from them is the anonymous call rejection. Some people will answer all of the calls that they get to make sure that they do not miss any kind of opportunity. However, the real professional will not do that because of the possibility of a prank call or something like that. You need to realize that large business is totally competitive so that there is a possibility that some of your competitors might try to attack you through your dial line. Fortunately, this feature from Nextiva helps you deal with that kind of problem.

The next one is custom music on hold. This kind of feature is actually something that you can find on the landline. However, not all of those calls through the internet protocol have this kind of feature. That is why Nextiva gives you this kind of unique feature, to attract more and more customers. If you think that the feature is useless, you are totally wrong. It is because you are actually giving a bit of impression when someone call you but you are not picking the call up immediately. That is why you might want to start thinking about serving your clients with the better ways, using the custom music when they are waiting for the call to be answered.

The third one is the custom extension dialing. Some of you might have realized that some big companies out there have their special extension number, which is not something cheap to buy. This kind of custom extension is meant to personalize your business so that all of your clients can easily find your extension number through your brand image. For your information, this is one of those features that you can get from Nextiva without paying a lot of money. This way, you are personalizing your company with the custom extension.

The last but not least is the complete mobile application function. Who said that you are unable to use some features of VoIP in your mobile phone? That might be something that you experience when you are using some other VoIP providers other than Nextiva. However, when you are using Nextiva, you can be sure that the VoIP functions are the same ones as in your laptop or computer. That is why you do not need to worry even if you have to use the Nextiva application in your mobile phone. You can still use all of those functions despite of the device that you use.