Pros and Cons of Hiring Movers and Doing It Yourself

Looking for Apopka apartments for rent or moving houses may seem like a tiresome job, especially when you are doing it yourself.It is not surprising if you feel overwhelmed by the myriad of decisions to make with regards to moving out. With this article, you can rest assured to get some help figuring out which methods of moving will be best suited for you.

As All American Movers noted on their website, some factors that you need to consider before you start will be your budget, the distance between your old and new home, how complex the move will be, and your personal preference in doing things. Many of us may not be able to lift and carry an extremely heavy sofa or bed down flights of stairs. While this seems to only bring us to the conclusion of hiring movers to help us, there are also plenty of people who have successfully saved some cash through a couple of DIY moves. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of moving houses by ourselves and hiring movers to help us through this journey.

Advantages of Doing It Yourself

Having Total Control

This is by far the greatest advantage of moving houses without the help of hired moves. You will be able to have complete autonomy of the entire process of moving out. Besides having the choice of your moving supplies and vehicles, you can also have peace of mind as you handle all the boxes personally to ensure none of the fragile items break in the process. Additionally, you will also be granted the flexibility to decide when to begin and end your shift. This is especially important when unexpected bad weather occurs as you have more choices to protect your belongings.

Saving Cash

You’ve already spent a bomb on your new house and perhaps you’re not as inclined to spend more on executing the shift. If that describes your current scenario or you just have a pretty small budget, doing it yourself may be a more feasible idea. Instead of hiring an entire moving company that may possibly blow your budget, consider just renting a large moving truck instead. This way, you will be able to save thousands of dollars from the move. Some options for renting moving trucks cost about $40 and also provide add-ons and loading supplies if necessary.

Pack However You Want

One of the perks of doing the move by yourself is that you don’t have to meticulously pack all of your belongings to perfection. Moving companies Sammamish will want all of your belongings sealed in boxes upon their arrival. By preparing a DIY move, you won’t need to fuss about boxing odd-shaped belongings such as your plants or simple items such as your pillows.

Disadvantages of Doing It Yourself

Lifting Like a Beast

The biggest con about moving out without the help of movers is that you’re going to have to work out all your muscles to carry the heaviest furniture you own. If you have your family and friends to help you, you’ll at least take away some bonding experiences with them.

Nevertheless, it will still be physically tiring to do so. Another concern is the amount of furniture you own. If you are preparing to move into a four-bedroom apartment, it may be a lot less feasible compared to a one-bedroom apartment. Your friends may also cause blunders due to a lack of experience, welcoming you into your new home with scratches and marks on your walls and floors when shifting your furniture.

Planning Takes Time

While hiring a moving company also requires some planning, coordinating the whole move by yourself will take a lot more. You will have to figure out not only how to get your furniture to your new home, but also consider how to arrange them in the truck.

Unexpected Problems

With a lack of experience, there may be also potential issues that arise such as getting your mattress stuck at your door entrance. This will either lead you to spend more money to get help from professionals, tools, or hours to fix the situation.

Advantages of Hiring Movers

Saving Energy

No more heavy lifting needed when you get the help of professional moving services. With their experience, they will also be able to avoid scratching your new floors and walls during the move. That way, you and your loved ones won’t be complaining of any fatigued muscles and can focus on other important tasks during the move. Moving out of Salt Lake City? Mesa Moving And Storage has your back moving companies slc.


When you hire reputable moving companies, your movers will probably be rather reliable. This reduces a lot of problems as you can safely trust that they will arrive on time with the necessary moving equipment based on their contract. That way, you won’t be wasting time gathering last- minute materials or waiting for friends who arrive late.

Preventing Stress Overload

Besides helping you save time, it also helps you to reduce unnecessary anxiety from driving a truck or trailer down a highway. If you are easily stressed out by the common moving day problems, hiring movers may be a better choice for you.

Disadvantages of Hiring Movers

Less Flexibility

When you choose to hire movers, you lack control over any changes in the move. This means that you won’t be able to do much in changing the date or time of their arrival or deciding how to move your belongings. For those who prefer having complete control, hiring movers may not be suited for you.


The average cost of moving a local household is about $2,300 for just 4 movers. Even if you are moving just up the street, hiring movers may just burn a hole in your pocket.


Some items of furniture may be precious to you and it might be hard to trust these movers who you’ve barely spoken to. To reduce any potential scams and rip-offs, make sure to do some homework on the companies you are hiring by reading reviews and checking the ratings. Lastly, make sure that the moving company performs an in-person or video inspection of your home before quoting you with a price.

Although hiring a moving company may seem like the easiest and fuss-free choice when it comes to moving house, it may sometimes be more beneficial to do it yourself. In general, whether you choose to hire a moving company or not really depends on your personal preferences and your situation.