New Sakura Mobile Presets Makes Your Photos POP introduces new sakura mobile presets that will blow your mind with vibrant colors and stunning tones. These presets work the best for those who love bold colors.

Pink, purple and blue tones that will set you apart on Instagram for sure. Sakura presets create a memorable and bright look that will make people stop scrolling. Add color, sharpness, and clarity to your images with just one click.

What are Lightroom Presets?

If you have never used Lightroom presets before you are probably wondering what they are. In short, Lightroom presets are configuration of settings. They are created so that you can achieve the wanted Minimalist, Moody, Dark… (the list is endless) look hassle free. Mobile presets will edit your photos tones so that your feed looks clean and matching.

Presets change the colors of your photos. That’s how the photos become visually pleasing. They also adjust contrast, sharpness, clarity, vibrance, tone curve, saturation, contrast, shadows, split tones, etc. But don’t let me bore you with all the settings. Leave that to professional presets to take care of and make your photos stunning with one simple click.

How to Use Mobile Presets?

Are they easy to use? Will I need a lot of time to install them? Don’t worry, Lightroom presets are specifically created to save you time! It’s so easy to install. Check out our three step guide for yourself.

All you need is a free Lightroom mobile app. Lightroom desktop version is usually used by professional photographers. However, you can now achieve professional results with your mobile application. Now it’s easier than ever to edit your photos on the go.

What’s So Special About Sakura Mobile Presets?

Sakura mobile presets create soft and glowing skin. This is one of the most loved features by our customers. These presets also add contrast, brightens the images and makes their colors pop. They are easy to use and will edit your photos in seconds.

All you need to do is to take photos with your phone and export them to Lightroom. Once there, you just apply the preset and enjoy the stunning results. Presets are ideal for those who want to quickly edit their photos and have a consistent Instagram feed.

Who Will Love Sakura Mobile?

These presets are for you if you love sky, pink, and purple tones. Sakura mobile will add a dreamy feel to your images. Be ready to take your photos to the next level. Turn your everyday photos into PRO within seconds.

Sakura mobile:

  • Makes your skin tones even and silky smooth
  • Adds sky blue and purple tones to your mobile photos
  • Increases contrast & brightens the images
  • Makes your photos stand out

So, if you are an influencer who wants to refresh your Instagram feed, these presets will make your photos stand out.

How to Make the Most Out of Sakura Presets?

Sakura presets work best with natural lighting. All you need to know about that is that you want to light your subject with soft light. E.g. stand in front of the window if you are taking a selfie.

Also, if your phone can shoot RAW images, choose that. This way the preset will be able to adjust more settings and produce higher quality images.

Last but not least, adjust your exposure. That’s it. When you take photos, you usually take them in different lighting conditions. Hence, some of your photos will be darker than the others. However, this can be easily fixed by adjusting exposure.

On top of that, presets give you multiple presets choices. Hence, just by selecting a different preset you will be able to achieve the wanted look even if your lighting is slightly different.