How To Get Your Singing Skills Through the Roof

Having a beautiful voice is definitely a gift, however, the ability to sing is a talent that needs to be nurtured in order to develop. Unless you gain the tools and knowledge that can enable you to use that angelic voice, you will never be able to hone your singing skills. Even the best singers that you adore, have a strict practicing regimen set in place so that they can best utilize their voices. If you have been trapped thinking that maybe you are not cut out for stardom or doubting that you are good enough, then it is time to do something about it. Read on below to learn how you can get your singing skills through the roof and live to your potential.

Have a Strong Why

Setting a strong and real intention is usually the best place to start any endeavor. It is the only thing that will keep you coming back and committing to your practice when the going gets tough and you feel like you are plateauing or not making any progress. As is well explained on, while music is an integral part of human existence, professional singing takes serious dedication and practice. So unless you have a clear vision as to why you are putting yourself through the agony of this tough journey, you will not be able to excel and achieve the level you desire. 

Learn How To Breathe Correctly

Contrary to what you might think, breathing is not a passive activity. Yes, every single human on the face of the earth breathes to survive, but this is not the kind of breathing that singing requires. In order to become a good singer, you need to learn how to control the pace of your breaths, when to hold in longer inhalations and when to literally cut your breath short. There are many breathing exercises that you can do and make part of your daily practice in order to prepare your lungs to entertain different notes. Experts advise that you need to perform your breathing exercises before, during, and after your singing practice if you want to see faster results. 

Always Warm-Up

Following the same concept of why you need to stretch to warm up your body before working out, you also need to prepare your vocal cords and throat muscles before you start singing. Take all the time you need to slowly and gently wake your vocal cords up so that they can get ready for the work that you ask of them. Otherwise, you will be at risk of shortening the lifespan of your budding untrained voice. Start small at a pitch that you are comfortable with then when you are ready, you can move on to the more complex and detailed part of your singing practice. The breathing exercises we mentioned before will be the key to mastering your introductory warm-up

Identify The Limits of Your Voice

Every professional singer has their unique singing range; think of it as your metaphorical ceiling that you cannot go beyond. Understanding your limits and the capacity of your own voice will help you immensely in your practice, as well as in protecting your precious vocal cords. Playing around with your high and low notes is the best and easiest way to figure out where you stand when it comes to voice range. At the beginning of your journey, you are strongly recommended to remain within the vicinity of your natural range to avoid any unnecessary injuries and also to build the solid foundation you need to experiment in the future. 

Mind Your Stance

We have already established that right breathing is a vital element of singing, so you have to give your breath the best chances to flow smoothly into and out of your body. The only way you can do this is by ensuring you maintain the correct posture when you sing. Stand tall or sit with a neutral spine but without straining your muscles or causing any tension in your body whatsoever, while keeping your shoulders down and your core relaxed. This state of ease will allow you to focus better on your singing and reach your notes effortlessly. 

Watch Your Diet

This might come as a bit of a surprise, but what you put into your body will strongly affect your singing. Before your practice try to avoid spicy foods as they can aggravate your throat and inflame your vocal cords. Dairy products are also not the best pre-practice nutrients as they are notorious for causing a build-up in the throat that can prevent you from reaching your full vocal range. Stick to foods with high water content and honey to guarantee the ultimate performance.

Use the tips mentioned above and finish it off with consistent practice- and you have the magic formula to becoming a bonafide singer. Always keep in mind that music and singing are joyful acts in essence so that you never lose sight even during the most challenging times of your practice. Always remember to have fun and keep on working on that beautiful voice! 


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