7 Interesting Facts about Blackjack

Many gamblers believe that they know everything about blackjack. However, they may be surprised by the facts they do not know. The G Club Casino compiles a list of 7 interesting facts about blackjack

1.  It is the best casino game.

Interestingly, the game provides more mental stimulation compared to other gambling games. If the gamer can make the best decisions, he or she can maintain a lower house edge than other casino games. Games such as roulette and slot machines have a house edge of 5.26% and 10%, respectively. Blackjack experts can attainment a house edge below 1%.

2.  It is the most popular casino table game.

Roulette and Craps have been popular. Due to its basic strategy and the increasing popularity of card counting, blackjack overtook them. It is not clear whether blackjack will maintain its reputation, as game designers and casinos are rapidly creating the next big thing. For instance, in the last years, the casino gaming world welcomed new card games such as Pai Gow Poker, Three Card Poker, and the Caribbean Stud. However, one thing that remains clear is that no casino game has received as much dedication as blackjack from gamers.

3.  Card counting is not a crime.

Casinos compel gamers to think that card counting is a crime. Sometimes, they ban the suspects of card counting, but it is entirely appropriate and legal. It is not wrong for you to think carefully about your next move to maintaining a lower house edge. Cheating in blackjack occurs if the players swap hole cards, mishandle money, remove tags, and use subtle tricks. The cheating is illegal; counting cards is not. Casinos may just be worried that you may win when you count cards.

4.  Blackjack does not rely on betting systems.

Some blackjack players have tried using the Martingale betting system, which allows them to continue doubling bets to achieve a win. It does not work! Such systems tend to underestimate the chances of long losing streaks. They also force players to place large bets hoping they can recover the loss, which is not advisable. Using the betting systems is impossible because gamers cannot predict a losing or winning streak during its beginning or end. The technique used in blackjack, card counting is just an advantage strategy and not a betting system.

5.  Casinos ban people from playing blackjack.

Just like other casino games, blackjack has rules. Failure to adhere to the regulations attracts a ban. According to CNN news, a Las Vegas casino, Hard Rock Hotel, and Casino banned Ben Affleck, a famous Hollywood actor from playing blackjack (Wells, 2014). He, however, was allowed to play other games at the casino. Although it is not clear whether the casino issued a ban because of card counting, the need to follow the game rules remains evident.

6.  Over cautiousness causes more losses.

Reckless financial decisions result in better outcomes. It is not surprising that risky schemes are typical among key business players. Gamers do not understand this fact, though. According to CNN’s Peter Walker, blackjack is an excellent platform for studying the way people acting during dangerous situations because many players tend to be conservation and over-cautious. However, as players perfect their card counting techniques, they should also be reckless, as it can also gain huge winnings.

7.  Playing at home is fun and exciting.

Home blackjack is not common nowadays. Nevertheless, if you are thinking of hosting a poker game at home, you should try blackjack. Playing blackjack at home applies completely different rules. One of the gamers should assume the responsibility of banking and dealing, changing the game’s limits. A key difference between home blackjack and casino blackjack is that the banker or dealer decides how he or she will play his hand. Try hosting home blackjack and figure out whether your poker friends find it interesting, and the answer is absolute!

I hope you are now more informed about blackjack. If you knew these facts even before, then you are a blackjack expert, congratulations! Be sure to check out the Gclub casino (จีคลับ) for a game of blackjack and other interesting casino games.

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