5 Essentials That Every Music Fan Should Own In 2020

All music lovers will appreciate the good-quality devices that will allow them to enjoy their favorite songs fully. There are some essentials you as a music fan should own, and in this article, we will introduce you to several devices that will bring your experience of listening to music to another level.

AV Receiver

One of the most important tools in building your sound system at home is an AV Receiver. It is a device that allows you to experience music that goes to an entirely new, unprecedented level. The most excellent versatility is guaranteed by receivers supporting network functions – it is ideal for music lovers who want to have unlimited access to all their music while maintaining ease of use. Value budget AV Receivers reviewed by Best Budget is a list that will help you choose the best device. Network receivers allow you to listen to music from streaming services. Add to this the ability to control the device with a phone in the same Wi-Fi network, and the receiver becomes a real home entertainment center. The receiver also allows you to listen to the same sound in different rooms, as well as to use independent music sources. The primary purpose of these devices is to convey the reproduced material as faithfully as possible, which is why the high sound quality characterizes them. However, it will enable you to use the HDMI connection to connect a TV, decoder, or console in order to enjoy clear sound during other activities.

The best headphones to bring music with you

When choosing headphones, pay attention to their design. There are three types of headphones on the market. Closed ones isolate us from outside noise, which can be favorable in quite noisy places. They also have the loudest bass. The open design offers better spatial sound properties and higher comfort of use thanks to ear ventilation. Unlike the first category, the openness of the handset will make the sound heard by everyone next to us. The last solution is half-open construction. It is nothing more than a combination of the best features of the first and second groups. Unfortunately, when it comes to choosing headphones with and without a cable, despite the constant development of technology, the wired ones are still better. For a demanding audiophile, wireless transmission, including Bluetooth, is associated with too much loss in sound quality.

Do we still need an iPod?

If we were to indicate the category of devices that suffered the most from smartphones’ appearance, we could not hesitate to point mp3 players. Gadgets that once gave us access to thousands of songs in our pocket are today quite a distant relic of the past and a technological segment in which nothing unusual happens. Since smartphones have become popular, few people use their mp3 players. The smartphone with large memory will hold more songs, give better sound quality, and a million functions that go beyond playing music, especially with the music streaming function. Modern audiophiles do not need such inventions. The more surprising is the attitude of the giant on the technology market – Apple – who proposed new iPod touch models in 2019 when hardly anybody was waiting for them. The new iPod has the best AR platform on the market that can be used while playing games, but this was not what we expected from the music player.

Old vinyl and turntables – are these just relics?

Songs listened to from old vinyl records are not only a pleasure for the ear but also for the eye. Their vintage appearance alone brings nostalgia. The turntable as a device for playing discs is a beautiful relic of the past, which in a subtle way connects us with what was once. Music is also a record of stories and tales from the olden days. Sometimes music lovers get turntables that do not necessarily work and can no longer play music. They do it to bring a substitute of the old world to their homes. Such a turntable and a set of vinyl records are unusual, and beautiful decorative objects that harmonize with other antiques.


By purchasing only a few decent devices, you can significantly improve your listening experiences. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get lost in entertaining pleasure. You just need to know what equipment is noteworthy and worth spending a given amount of cash. Beautiful sounds are just a matter of the right choice of devices. Don’t underestimate the power of proper equipment, and let yourself be carried away by the wonderful sounds.