Which guitar amplifier is the best Vox AC 15 or Vox AC 30?

guitar and Vox amplifier

An electronic device that is used to amplify the barely audible sound that is obtained from a musical instrument is called an instrument amplifier. Guitar, as we know, is a string musical instrument and sometimes the music is not loud enough to be heard from a distance. Hence guitar amplifier is the most effective way to convert the inaudible guitar tones to the loud and lyrical sound. Various kinds of a guitar amplifier are available these days. People sometimes confuse which one is better than others. In case you are facing the same type of problem, then this article would be of great help. With this article, you would come to know which guitar amplifier is the best Vox AC 15 or Vox AC 30 and we would also compare both of them in detail.

Let us first know about VOX AC 15 and VOX AC 30:-

  • Vox AC 15:- As the name suggests, Vox AC 15 is manufactured by the musical instrument manufacturing company Vox. It is the modified version of Vox AC 10 and became popular after the launch of the product. The Beetles also used these guitar amplifiers in their early life.
  • VOX AC 30:- This guitar amplifier is the most advanced electronic gadget that is used by guitar lovers. The audio booster facility enables users to enhance the sound easily so that it can be heard from the distance.

Vox Ac15 Vs Ac30 which is better?

  • VOX AC 15 can amplify the sound nicely when the need is for a smaller audience and closed rooms. However, if the stage or auditorium is open like an amphitheatre, then it is better to use VOX AC 30 because it has higher amplifier features than VOX AC 15.
  • Also if you want to get the loud sound of guitar strings with the clarity, it is always recommended that guitarist should use VOX AC 30 as it is double the amplitude of the music as compared to its previous versions.

What should things be kept in mind before purchasing guitar amplifiers?

The essential thing to keep in mind is to purchase the product from an authentic source. Not all guitar amplifiers products that are available online are trustworthy. Hence it is always advisable that one must check all the necessary product features of the guitar amplifiers properly.

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To conclude, we must say that playing the guitar can be of great fun by using guitar amplifier. For this purpose, you can use VOX AC 15 or VOX AC 30. The main benefit of using VOX AC 30 is more significant amplifying ability and hence is a better amplifier.