The Spearfishing Guide to Get the Biggest Catch Under Water Like a Pro

Spearfishing dates back 16,000 years.

From Samoa to San Diego, this ancient fishing technique has bloomed into a sport practiced by many around the world. If you’re interested in starting your spearfishing journey but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s everything you need to know about spearfishing for beginners.

What Exactly Is Spearfishing?

Before diving into spearfishing basics, it’s important to understand what spearfishing is.

Spearfishing is underwater fishing where you stalk and shoot fish with a speargun or specialized equipment. The sport is similar across the globe but the different gear is necessary when hunting different fish species.

The Gear

When it comes to spearfishing gear, you must get a spear and other equipment to protect you. For instance:

Spearfishing Pole

There are a few basic types of spearfishing poles like pole spears, band guns, air-pressurized guns, and the Hawaiin sling.

Pole spears are less powerful than the others and don’t have a trigger mechanism whereas band guns or air-pressurized guns are far more effective. They’re like a crossbow where the projectile is kept under pressure and released.

The Hawaiin sling is in between the two, more powerful and comfortable than a pole spear but without the trigger mechanism.

Mask and Snorkel

Spearfishing gear for beginners also consists of a mask and snorkel. You must find one that sticks onto your face while giving you good all-round visibility. Choose a low-profile mask as it’ll be easier to deal with pressure differences underwater.


Fins are a fantastic way of getting around while saving energy. Plastic fins are good for beginners, always go for the bigger ones to prevent your feet from swelling.


Always consider the thickness of the wetsuit as it depends on the water temperature you’re spearfishing in. If you’re going on a warm, short dive then choose a 1.5-millimeter thickness.

Pick a muted color so you don’t stand out and wear a pair of sturdy, flexible gloves so you can grip onto your spear pole.


Whether you’re learning how to spearfish, or you’re well-versed, floats are a crucial part of the equipment. Floats are brightly colored, inflatable, and have a flag to alert boats of your presence.

Shallow Water Spearfishing

This is the easiest way to spearfish, a great option for beginners. Shallow water spearfishing is where you start above the water line or just below it, and you can do it from a kayak or the shore.


You must be a confident diver before learning how to spearfish. Master your breathing technique and learn how to conserve energy underwater so you have a better chance of catching fish.

Spearfishing For Beginners

Once you’ve got the right equipment, you can start spearfishing for beginners. Familiarize yourself with the fish species in your area so you know which type of spearfishing pole you need. Good luck!

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