Lockdown Is Almost Over, What Now?

For many of us lockdown is nearly over – the US has seen many states opening once again and Europe is very much on the path to recovery as some of the previously worst hit countries in the world are starting to look much clearer. As the lockdown ends, however, many businesses may yet remain closed for some time still to come giving many of us a little extra free time before we get back to work, so what do we do with that free time?

Find that routine again – It may have been very easy for many of us to fall out of our exercise schedule as the gyms have closed and may remain closed – luckily the sun is start to come out as the summer is approaching, although precautions should still be taken to ensure safety that does mean that getting out for a run or to a local exercise spot outdoors is now a possibility. Especially once you’re getting back into the day to day working routine it can be easy to let your exercise regimen lapse further, whilst there’s still some time left make the most of the good weather and get back out there.

A little more mobile gaming –  One of the more popular activities that has taken over during the pandemic has been for many to turn toward mobile gaming – puzzle games have been on the rise but there are also more casinos accepting credit cards available to players too that have also seen an increase in popularity. This may change over the coming months as many of us have much less time to play them, but for now  you may find yourself a good way through one of your favourite titles that you need just a little more time to finish and now may be your last opportunity to do so.

Catch some exclusives – The big streaming platforms for movies and TV have been popping as much into their libraries as possible recently the keep up with the increasing demand as more users are on the platforms – one thing that is being seen is that some of these are now releasing exclusive content directly to the streaming service, this has been seen recently with ‘Hamilton’ which was previously set for a long theatrical release but will now be released exclusively on Disney+ a whole year earlier. There’s plenty to watch and perhaps not much time to get through it all.

For others there is still some good news on the way – most sporting events may be closer than previously thought as soccer across Europe is set to get underway in June, if success is found here then sporting events in the US may also follow the same path. It does seem like the world is very much heading back toward a time of normalcy however tentative and measured, hopefully the signs stay as they whilst avoiding any risk of a second spread of infection and start looking for an all clear as we head into the new year.