Learn An Instrument And Make The Most Out Of A Lockdown

This time of pandemic everyone’s in lockdown. Malls, restaurants are closed, even the parks. Everyone is in their home working, watching Netflix and some are just laying on their couch eating a bag of chips waiting for the time to pass through them. But, I think learning a musical instrument might just be the best thing to do and make the most out of time. 

Just because music schools are closed and no available teachers to teach you in person, doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to read notes, learn to play country guitar, study and play an instrument. Online tutorials are available now scattered all around the web to help you learn. Plus, there are resources like manuals, ebooks, music sheets you can download on the internet for free.

Here are some of the reasons why you should learn to play an instrument during this lockdown.

Form of workout

Believe me when I say that learning an instrument is like exercising. When you exercise, one good reason people do it is that they want to stay fit and release the stress they acquire the whole week of work. Same goes with learning an instrument, it’s a great way to release stress and relax as the sound of music from the instrument takes your mind off your every day worries. 

This one might depend on what instrument you decided to play at but for example, the french horn takes a lot of effort from your lungs for breath control. Drums can use so much of your muscles especially on your arms and shoulder, and end up doing cardio. Lastly is that your coordination will improve because when you play you need to coordinate your eyes, hands, and mind to your body and brain to produce good sound quality and play better.

Playing instruments also targets your mental health by improving your brain’s memory and concentration powers. Just like a math equation, you need to figure out and understand rhythm and notes. Reading musical notes is like learning a new language and improves your comprehension skills.

Improves your Confidence and Social Life

Learning a part or even a whole song leaves you feeling positive because it gives you the sense of accomplishment and achievement from doing a job well done, which in the end, uplifts you and gives you a positive outlook towards this lockdown. You can also share this new achievement of yours with your family and friends via Zoom or any social media platform, making you step out of your comfort zone and be a blessing to everyone as well. 

Clean off that dusty keyboard of yours, tune-up that guitar string, take out your flutes. With so much free time we have, it’s never been easier to pick up a new skill. It’s time to change up your routine and get those creative juices flowing. 

Being on lockdown doesn’t have to be boring. You can learn a new language, organize your closet, update your resume, or start a book, there are plenty of productive things to make the most out of this lockdown. We just have to be creative.