Corona Crisis: 7 Things To Try While Waiting It Out

The Corona crisis has canceled a lot of events this year. Not only major ones, but even the day to day normal events have been canceled too. People are advised to stay home and have social distancing, classes are suspended and work is discontinued. Most people are left with nothing to do and a lot of people are now willing to try new things they have not tried before. Since there isn’t anything you can do about the situation yet, it is better to keep yourself busy while waiting for the situation. 

Offer Online Tutorials

With the number of students and people who are willing to learn, there is certainly something you can offer that will immensely help them and cure them of their boredom. Since there are platforms that will enable you to communicate and hold virtual classes, it would be easy to show your demonstrations and presentations. It could also earn you an extra income, especially since a lot of people are looking for ways for their children to continue learning now that school has essentially ended. Whatever it is that you know, there is surely someone who wants to learn it from you. You just have to open in your willingness to teach an online tutorial.

Learn a Skill

Special skills are something that you should learn over time and since it is something you have abundantly at the moment, you should use it to learn something new. This includes playing musical instruments, learning how to draw or paint, knitting and embroidery and so many others. There are plenty of tutorials that you can find online with a lot of shops for arts, crafts, and other products open for delivery. This is a great time to develop that thing you have always wanted to make time for.

Cook New Dishes

Because of the interruption, the Corona Crisis has caused people, most homes are now enjoying some quality time in the kitchen. And since you are stuck for several days, you can start being creative in your meal preparations. This can be ignited by the growing scarcity of supplies and the variety of meals you need. It is also the time to learn healthier cooking since you need to take care of your health to boost your immune system and avoid getting sick.

Online Games and Entertainment

If you haven’t tried online gaming before then this is your chance to have a go at it. These games can even generate money for you if you make a bet and win. The selection of games seen on websites, including 918kiss are both for entertainment and betting, so if you are inclined to try your luck then you can find a game that will suit your needs. This is also an alternative if you have frequented the casino before, since these business establishments are surely not yet operational at the moment. 

Revamp Your Home

Use your free time to revamp your house. This can be as simple as rearranging furniture or reorganizing your things. The most important thing is to reduce whatever clutter you have and consider throwing things that you don’t need anymore. Make more space for activities by lessening the things that occupy your floor. If you have extra paints, you can give a fresh coat to your walls and other surfaces. Cleaning the house is the most basic thing you can do for home improvement. 

Grow Some Plants

If you have a patch of land or potting soil on hand, then you can experiment with growing some plants that can be grown from your food. Tomatoes, for example, are fairly easy to grow in pots. Even onion leeks and seeds from fruits can be grown easily. Urban farming and indoor plants are very trendy nowadays.


If your community allows and calls for volunteers, then this is a time for you to extend more help. Since there is a scare, organizations and establishments are needing an extra pair of hands to help them reach out and attend to people in need. It could be as simple as handing out or giving out relevant information or even volunteering in hospitals, especially if you have a background in patient care and medicine.

This is a time for you to explore whatever skill and talent you have. Since the Corona Crisis has provided a lot of time for you, it might as well take it as an opportunity to do what you are inclined to while waiting it out. Try these things to keep you busy and not bored at home.