Can CBD enrich artistic performance?

Performing artists and musicians have been seeking ways to boost their creativity for centuries. In modern times, some have even begun to delve into natural enhancers such as essential oils or herbs to bring fresh inspiration in their life and improve their artistic performance.

Musicians are a rare breed. They stay up at weird hours, practice diligently, and even do anything to make their voice or instruments sound cool. So, how can a natural enhancer such as CBD fit in a musician’s life? In many curious ways.  Whether you are practicing, planning a live gig, or just jamming, CBD can add to your overall experience. As it helps treat anxiety and is anti-inflammatory, musicians of all genres may find themselves in greater health and mental state when they use CBD, though it’s essential to remember the dosage for CBD if you want to achieve the desired effect.

Will CBD make me high?

CBD and THC do belong to the cannabis family, however, unlike its neighbor THC known for its psychoactive abilities and the “munchies,” CBD is the antipsychotic compound and provides healing properties without getting you high. Contrary to many inexperienced beliefs, CBD or cannabidiol, derived from the cannabis plant, does not cause any psychoactive effects and many CBD products such as CBD oils and Hemp Flower are highly recommended to treat stress, anxiety, skin inflammation, depression, lower intensity of pain, etc. It contains less than 0.3 THC; therefore, there is no way you can get a high effect. CBD works great when you are dealing with swift mood changes, makes you feel lively, dynamic, and can easily be incorporated in your routine to help you remain healthy and active.

Given its curious effects, CBD can be an effective tool in maintaining a work-life balance keeping you on top of your best performances for longer hours without glitching. It came as a blessing for many people from various walks of life and continues to be one best tool for productivity. However, given the different percentages of CBD provided in different products such as in the CBD flower, do consult a professional on the recommended amount that you should take. Always remember to check and only purchase certified CBD oil in the UK.

Fight back performance anxiety

Everybody can stress out before a big event in their life, such as speaking or performing in front of a crowd. A secret tool of many successful people is managing their stress levels in such a manner that they do not impact their performance.

Everybody does this in different ways, but in later years, studies have shown that CBD can help you focus on what is important instead of stressing over how you will perform, and when you are less critical over your performance, you can be more efficient in your tasks. A study in Brazil and one in the UK confirms this, while people CBD advocates have been praising these effects for years.

Keep vocal cords healthy

Inflammation is our body’s most natural response when it is harmed. While inflammation is vital to help protect the body as it heals, a state of chronic or continuous inflammation is unbearable, undesirable and can be a clear source of pain and anxiety, and it may sometimes be linked to depression.

Due to a continuous strain on vocal cords, lots of singers are prone to inflammations. Here’s where CBD intervenes, acting as an effective anti-inflammatory, maintaining your vocal cords in a greater shape both before and after a show. Indeed, there is a wide variety of medications aimed at treating inflammation, but those medications may lead to undesired effects such as blood-thinning, one of the most common causes of vocal rupture.

According to traveldailynews, CBD can naturally lower inflammation without blood thinning and reduces the pressure on vocal cords allowing to sing flawlessly even on hard-to-reach notes.

Boosts Creativity

Indeed, this is not something you hear too often when discussing CBD benefits, but the truth is it can make you more creative. Researchers have brought on the effects of CBD on the brain’s frontal lobe. CBD increases the blood flow in your frontal lobe. Increased blood flow in the frontal lobe has also been found in highly creative individuals.

As the frontal lobe is the one accountable for creativity, problem-solving, and planning, thus the activities that engage it are among the most creative pursuits. Ingesting CBD products such as CBD oil, CBD flower, or edibles could offer you benefits if you are seeking motivation or want to start creating.

Fights Depression

People who are in show business are more likely to suffer from the effects of depression than the general public, and it’s no secret that a lot of highly creative people wrestle with bouts of depression, and there are a lot of famous musicians that have even committed suicide. Depression is a debilitating mental disease and, if left unmanaged, can cause a plethora of lifelong problems.

Many artists have tried to self-manage through illegal drugs only to end up on the way to rehab or on the 5 o’clock news. Some artists have even been killed by being prescribed dangerous medication by their doctors, such as is the case of Michael Jackson.

One thing is for sure, depression is no joke and, in the past, people have turned to worse things just to try and manage it. CBD oil has antidepressant-like effects, and this means that it can work on the brain’s serotonin receptors. Since serotonin regulates social behavior and mood, this means CBD oil can be used to fight depression without any of the consequences that come with pharmaceutical-grade pills or even illegal drugs.

When it comes to potential links between CBD and creativity, it goes without saying that more research is needed. As for inflammation, energy, depression, and pain relief, CBD is undoubtedly a thriving tool in the world of musicians and artistic performers. Musicians spend a lot of their time on the stage singing or dancing, which can be challenging for their legs and feet. For instance, those who are playing instruments like drums or guitar cannot deny the DOMS they feel in the morning. CBD helps them relieve pain and inflammation in affected joints without impeding their performance.

If you are a musician who has not yet been curious about the effects of CBD, it may be time to consider it. However, as CBD may interact with prescribed medications, it might be a smart move to speak to a medical professional before using it.


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