Building a Dental Website for a Maximum Online Exposure – 8 steps

Given the raging competition between dentists nowadays, it has become imperative for dental practitioners and specialized clinics to establish a strong online presence and make an impact on prospective patients. Marketing is everything! As such, designing a website that is convenient, accessible, SEO-friendly, and visually appealing will work wonders in attracting a brand new clientele. When done right with the help of marketing experts, you will succeed in building a formidable reputation for your practice.

So, without further ado, here’s a helpful guide any dental professional can follow to create a full-rounded digital platform and put their names on the map!

Visual Identity

The overall design of your new website is the first thing prospective clients will notice and base their opinions on. First impressions are everything; should you fail to catch their attention within the first 10 seconds of their visit, they will simply carry on with their search for a new dentist. So, it’s best to choose a simple web page template that is legible and easy on the eyes. The navigation should be effortless. Likewise, all the relevant information pertaining to offered services and treatments, location, working hours, and contact info must be highlighted. Remember that a heavy website (funky fonts, flashy colors, difficult to get around) will confuse and possibly scare off customers. Also, optimizing your website to make it mobile-friendly can make a world of difference, given that a majority of people now use their phones as a primary channel for communication and seeking information. 


The availability of dental practices is downright staggering; a quick Internet search will point towards dozens of qualified professionals in any given area across the country. As such, enabling future patients to find you easily online is crucial. According to this site,, your dental marketing efforts should begin with a Google My Business listing to maximize your chances of appearing on search results pages. This will be a major visibility boost, particularly for new practices that are still expanding their clientele. Typically, it will include the business’s name, address, phone number, user ratings, and a direct link to your platform. Ultimately, without this Google listing, your website will harbor a significantly lesser potential for exposure and customer outreach.

SEO-Adjusted Content

“Let’s assume that a user is looking for a specific dental service in their area, such as teeth cleaning, a root canal treatment, or wisdom teeth removal. He/She will most likely type in this query followed by the term ‘near me’ in order to narrow down the scope of the search. That’s when search engine optimization comes in. As such, it’s important for your website to have a dedicated page for each service or treatment offered by your establishment. Aside from enhancing navigating and clarity, these ‘organic’ changes will save you a lot on traditional advertising costs and, with time and dedication, propel your website to the top of that result page.

Online Scheduling

A superb feature that is guaranteed to have an impact and maximize your exposure is enabling patients to schedule their next appointment directly from your website. Putting up an automated tool that informs on the availability of dates and time slots will save your existing and future patients a phone call or an email, and spare your receptionists valuable time in monitoring and organizing the Doctors’ schedules. As such, streamlining these tasks is bound to be a boost in convenience and efficiency.

Online Forms For New Patients

In a similar vein, allowing your prospective patients to fill out and submit an online form prior to their first visit is another well-paying strategy. This eliminates the need to keep hundreds of information files in physical form. As such, with the assistance of dental management software, you will be able to streamline operations, which will save time and energy for both you and your newest patients. This also works in reducing your carbon footprint.

HIPAA Compliance

Since you will be asking for personal information (name, address, social security number) in a healthcare context, it is imperative for any health professional (and not just dentists) to observe the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. In fact, it is a legal obligation for all practitioners to comply with in order to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive client data. A visible HIPAA compliance logo on your website will reassure future patients that your establishment is in line with federal healthcare regulations.

Authentic Reviews

In a world of abundant and readily available services, future dental patients will often choose a new practitioner based on the reviews of past clients. Beyond the world of dentistry, relying on online reviews has become a staple of the mass new consumption model. In that spirit, showcasing a couple of genuine testimonials, reviews, and star ratings from your former patients is the best guarantee to demonstrate your service quality and client satisfaction. It will create a sense of trust, encourage visitors to take action, and choose you over your competitors

Before/After Galleries And Dentist Bios

Now, once they’ve made it to your website, prospective customers will seek reassurance as to the work your practice has carried out in the past. Accordingly, displaying previous works in the form of ‘before and after photos’ and instructional videos can be a formidable visibility boost that will put future clients at ease. Try to show a variety of your services in the photos, from clear braces to full dental implants.

Lastly but importantly, displaying a short biography of the dentist adds a nice, personal touch. It can include relevant information such as degrees obtained, years of experience, and other professional certifications of excellence.

All in all, the success and visibility of your practice will largely depend on your ability to elaborate on a strong dental marketing strategy. Working towards building a website that is clear, appealing, inspires trust, and that is easily reachable is the ultimate guarantee to see new patients line up at your clinic’s door. As a last piece of advice, even though you can implement some of these platform changes on your own, it’s always recommended to call on the services of a specialized healthcare marketing expert to help develop your website. In the end, s/he will help achieve the most optimal results in an effective and timely manner.