Best-Selling Gold Bars in Covid-19

Buying gold bars is the intention and the sole objective of many since it is one of the best options to obtain physical gold as it can also be buying gold coins or ounces that are always highly valued, hence its high price, that can be obtained as well as gold bars if we know reputable and reliable raw material sellers, in a matter of money we will leave earning ingot 500g in covid-19 period.

Buy Gold Bars

If you wonder where to buy gold bars and enter gold bullion price or gold bullion price in your search engine you will find a number of websites that buy and sell precious metals in a resounding way. However, we offer the best prices on the market because we care about the price of gold, as well as its quality and guarantee.

If the bars leave the circuit, they lose their quality, so the buyer would not get what they paid for, but rather something of worse integrity. In our case, you can be sure that you get quality precious metal, the photos of gold bars that we offer on our website are real and not obtained from other websites, so you pay for what you see.

We try to work with bullion, ounces and coins to be open to any public. We want clients to sell us and buy their bullion, happy clients to help us and help them, clients so that we grow together at the same time. Therefore, we offer the very affordable prices that we have at your disposal in the market, so that nobody is left without a piece of yellow metal.

In the world in which we live, it is increasingly important to have money to be able to, at least, live a normal life, so investing in precious metals is a sure way to keep money safe, free of taxes and being at the same time, a refuge for anyone in this time of crisis.

Nowadays, if you have a few savings and want to invest in something that is really going to generate benefits, then buy gold, this way you will not suffer risks and you will always get something positive, be it a lot or a little, at least you will not lose. As we explained before, we offer you pure metal from one gram to 1 kilogram (grams, ounce, gold bullion) we adapt to your budget because if you invest you win and we also. You must take into account that depending on the weight and the demand that the precious metal is having in the market, the budget will vary.

How to Invest in Gold

The first thing to consider when buying gold is the average cost in dollars, that is, investing a fixed amount of money monthly regardless of the price of gold. For an average investor, this strategy not only reduces risk over time, but also reduces disadvantages. Those who know how to invest in gold maintain that the investment percentage should be between 3 to 10%. Others more optimistic recommend making an investment of up to 20%.

Keep in mind that gold is considered as a protection against inflation, currency degradation and global uncertainty. Hence, it is convenient to invest in gold, but for that, you need to know how to invest in gold bars and coins.

Invest in Gold Bars

When buying gold bars, the ideal is to avoid large bonuses as it is always best to buy gold as close to the spot price as possible, even a premium of max 10%. That is, the higher the premium, the higher the price of gold will have to be in order to obtain benefits. To calculate the premium for a gold bar you simply have to subtract the spot price from the quoted price. Then divide the result by the spot price and multiply by 100.

The percentage over the cost of a gold bullion is estimated from 4% onwards, with the retail margin being between 1% and 3%. This means, for example, that if you buy a one-ounce gold bullion for $ 1,225, with a spot price of $ 1,200 and a 2.1% percentage of the cost of the bullion, then the price of gold only has to go up one 2.1% compared to the cash price so you can even exceed your investment.

To avoid any unpleasant surprises, it is advisable to define what you want to buy gold bars for. If you want to have gold as a long-term investment, it is best to buy gold at a price as close to the spot price as possible.