6 mistakes during essay writing

Essay writing takes a significant part of academic assignments. Whether you are in college or high school, you may get dozens of essays to complete weekly. This kind of homework allows students to boost their creativity and grammar skills that are useful in their everyday lives.

Yet, even the most proficient writers could make common mistakes in spelling, style, and structure. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of prevalent errors so that you could upgrade your writing skills and feel confident in the work you do.

Grammar mistakes

According to the essay writing service research, some of the commonplace errors in student essays are related to grammar. Most of the students underestimate the importance of editing and therefore have their writings left grammatically incorrect.

Even if you have enough creativity to write an impressive essay, it could be easy to spot grammar errors in your writings. So it makes sense to edit your paper with the help of legitimate essay writing service to make it more clear.

Here is the list of the most repeated mistakes that could be a weak point of your writings:

1.  Subject-verb agreement

Ensure the subject agrees with the verb in a sentence.

Wrong: Corned beef and cabbage are a traditional meal in Ireland.

Correct: Corned beef and cabbage is a traditional meal in Ireland.

2.  Double negative

Having two “nos” in a sentence is never a good idea.

Wrong: It was late at night, so there wasn’t nobody in the city center.

Correct: It was late at night, so there was nobody in the city center.

Spelling mistakes

There are hundreds of misspelled words in English, so spelling mistakes can be tricky even for published authors. Except for reading your paper carefully once it is finished, you can make a bunch of the most common spelling mistakes. Here are some examples:

  • right – write
  • plain – plane
  • patience – patients
  • peace – piece

Fortunately, you can quickly review your essay for spelling errors with the help of a cheap essay service and make it spelled correctly.

Punctuation mistakes

Readability is an essential feature of a well-written paper. By reading a text with poor punctuation, you might get confused. So here are some of the most common mistakes you need to avoid:

1.  Missing comma

Don’t forget to put a comma after the introductory phrase, or where the reader is supposed to make a slight pause while reading a text.

Wrong: Being a student you may face a lot of challenges daily.

Correct: Being a student, you may face a lot of challenges daily.

2.  Its vs. it’s

Make sure you use the correct form in a sentence.

Wrong: Its rainy today. / Its his car, but not mine.

Correct: It’s rainy today. / It’s his car, but not mine.

3.  Punctuation in quotation marks

A sentence-ending punctuation goes inside the quotation marks rather than outside of them.

Incorrect: James screamed, “I don’t like eating soup”.

Correct: James screamed, “I don’t like eating soup.”

Stylistic mistakes

When upgrading your writing skills, you also need to avoid the following stylistic mistakes:

1.  Passive voice overuse

Although passive voice sounds more formal than active, it is required when the subject is unknown, or when you want to underline the object that was changed somehow. Yet, the overuse of the passive voice will make your essay illegible for a reader.

2.  Run-out sentences

The longer your sentences are, the easier it is to lose the main idea of a text. Excessive use of long sentences affects the clarity and readability of an essay. Yet, don’t try to cut your paper in short sentences. The golden mean of a sentence length is no more than 20-25 words.

3.  Being too formal or informal

Don’t forget about an appropriate vocabulary while writing your paper. Many students neglect using formal constructions and keep using slang expressions in their essay writings. Yet, don’t be scientific while working on fiction or poetry. Choose the vocabulary and stylistic form based on the subject matter.

Structural mistakes

The structure of academic writing determines the general essence of the paper. In addition to the linking words, a well-written academic essay should also have a specific structure and thesis statement. Here is a list of the most common structural mistakes in terms of essay writing:

1.  No link between the paragraphs

You are welcome to use linking words in your academic writing. Thus, you will not only express the clear connection between your ideas but also make your content rich.

2.  No structure

No matter what subject of your essay is, it should have a problematic question at the beginning and the answer to it when the text is over. The typical academic essay contains an introduction, a few body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Lack of any of the elements will lead to the crash of a structure, so the main idea may not be clear.

Content mistakes

Students perceive content mistakes as the most underestimated ones, though they can lead to a low grade. While writing academic essays, students often overuse non-specific examples and irrelevant facts, so that the main idea of a paper is lost.

A well-written paper should have a solid thesis statement that is clear to a reader. Don’t start writing your essay until you make sure that you have enough ideas to support your thesis.

Wrapping up

Academic writing might be challenging unless you work on your weak points. No doubt, a fast essay writing service might be a solution, but not a long-term one. We hope our list of the most common mistakes will help you boost your writing skills and keep your grades on top.