Playing Online Casinos: Here’s How You Can Get Bonuses And Free Spins

We all love free stuff. We love getting free food, free movies, free games, and a lot more. How about free chances to win real money? Surely there will be some who would raise their brows at this question. However, do you know that there is really a way for you to win real money for free?

In the world of online casinos for US players, these free “chances” are called free spins. There are various types of free spins, and there are several ways for you to earn it. Here are some of them

Sign up free spins

From its name, this type of free spin is awarded to a player right after they sign up for the online casino. There are no deposits needed, and you can immediately use these free spins and play for free. Most free spins are usable in all online slot games of the casino unless otherwise specified. Of course, you can also win real money using these free spins.

Deposit free spins

This type of free spins is given after a player deposits a certain amount. This is what most online casinos for US players are using as a means to attract players to their site. Usually, a deposit bonus is advertised as in-game credits for a certain total value in real money. This is awarded to a new player either in their first deposit. In other forms of this offer, the deposit bonus is given in installment until the fourth or fifth deposit of the new player.

Weekly/monthly free spins

This free spin is given on a regular basis to players who have stayed loyal to their favorite online casino for US players and have kept on playing for a certain period of time. Most online casinos use this strategy to have their players stay with them for a longer period of time by keeping them engaged and attracting them to play more and possibly, win more.

The catch

Perhaps you might be thinking–all of these are just too good to be true. Giving players free chances to win real money? Why would you do that? Wouldn’t it make these online casinos lose money instead of earning it? If something is too good to be true, it probably isn’t.


It is true that all things that are too good to be true are not. This is why it is also essential for you to know about what is called wagering requirements. A wagering requirement of free spins refers to the number of times a player need to play–or thus, wager–using the free spins they are given. This means that players like you can only withdraw their winnings earned from using free spins after reaching the required wagering times

To better understand this, imagine having 20 free spins as your sign up free spin bonus. Based on the specific requirements of your online casino for US players, wagering requirements can start at 5 times, 10, 20, or so on. Even if you won only at the first spin, that amount would be on hold for withdrawal (but still usable for playing) until you played for a specific number of times.

There are some bonus offers, however, that do not have any wagering requirement at all. This makes reading the fine print of the terms of any bonuses and free spins you get extremely important.

Winning real money for free is a generous and attractive idea. However, as with all offers, it is important to read through the fine print of the terms and the conditions of the free spins that you are getting. It is always important not only to play responsibly, but also to play smart.