Luke Bryan Gets Pranked by Wife Caroline (Watch Here!)

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Oh man, to be a fly on the Bryans’ wall.

This morning, Luke Bryan’s wife, Caroline, posted a video to social media showing her getting revenge on her husband for a prank he pulled on her. After setting up a hidden camera, she was hoisted into a cabinet above the refrigerator. The country music superstar was then prompted by one of the teenagers in the house to open the refrigerator to look for parmesan cheese.

As Bryan reached inside the refrigerator, beer in hand, his wife opened the cabinet door and screamed. The can of beer went flying, as did Bryan. Rather than getting frustrated with his wife, he submitted when she said “payback’s a b****.”

Please tell us this is just the beginning of a documented prank war in the home because we can’t wait to see what happens next!

Watch the video of Caroline Bryan scaring Luke Bryan here:

Luke’s Payback?

Luke Bryan here’s your payback ?

Posted by Caroline Bryan on Thursday, April 30, 2020