Jessica Lynn Releases New Single “Run To”

Every now and then there is that song that captures you the moment you hear it. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, you can’t help but get lost in it and want to listen to it on repeat. That is what happened to me the first time I heard Jessica Lynn’s new single, “Run To.”

Lucky for Lynn’s fans, the hard-working independent artist hasn’t let these unique times get her down. In fact, during the changes to our country due to COVID-19, Lynn has taken the time to connect with her fans by livestreaming on her own social media accounts, as well as venues’ and companys’, because the show must go on. During these virtual acoustic shows, Lynn has performed “Run To,” creating a buzz and sense of urgency in fans to get their hands on the single for at-home and essential errand play as soon as possible.

Today is their and your lucky day.

Those familiar with Lynn and her recent releases, “Crazy Idea” (a Top 50 single) and “Let’s Don’t,” (a Top 40 single) will notice a drastic change in tempo with “Run To.” From showing off her fun and flirty side, Lynn has now exposed her musical diversity by slowing things down and giving us a perfectly delivered emotional ballad.

“Run To” is a lyrical admission of realization and needing to be with a certain person. In the song, Lynn throws inhibition out the window and bares her soul, exclaiming that she wants “to run to anything that makes me feel you” and recognizing that she’s been lying to herself for so long. Lynn speaks directly to her audience, becoming vulnerable and relatable, especially to those who need encouragement to speak their truth and share their feelings with those they love.

A specific highlight of the single comes at the bridge when her guitarist, Steve Sterlacci, performs a stellar solo, leading into an outpouring of vocal emotion by Lynn; an example of her depth and incredible vocal range that fans who have only heard her on radio will experience for the first time.

Run to, don’t walk, to your streaming service of choice to listen to Jessica Lynn’s “Run To” — available today.

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