How to Open and Repair a Corrupt ODT file?

If you use ODT formats, you must have some know-how about excel repair. ODT is the file format used for LibreOffice Writer and OpenOffice documents. If an ODT document gets corrupted, the following message will appear.

The file ‘file.odt’ is corrupt and therefore cannot be opened.

Obviously, seeing this message can be a little intimidating. You will not be able to open your Writer documents. So, let’s talk about excel repair and excel homework help.

Reasons behind the corruption of ODT Files

First of all, let’s explore the common reasons that lead to the corruption of ODT files.

  • Abrupt system shutdown or power loss
  • Logical errors or virus attacks
  • Unknown third-party apps may cause loss of ODT files
  • Formatting Windows partitions containing ODT files
  • Improper cut-paste operations on different OpenOffice files can lead to loss of ODT documents

How to Open and Fix Corrupted ODT Files?

Find the Backup Copy

Your first step should always be to look for a backup copy. LibreOffice Writer includes always create a backup copy option. If you have selected this option, you will find a backup copy that is saved on your computer.

You can save the backup copy under a new name on your system. View more at this website.

Update LibreOffice or OpenOffice

If you do not find a backup copy, you can also try updating the software. Make sure that you are using the latest updates of LibreOffice or OpenOffice.

If you want to check for an update, click on the help option and then check for updates. If an update is available, download it. It might be possible that you can recover your corrupted file with the newer version.

Insert the Corrupted File into a Blank Document

This is a trick that will often come in handy. You can insert a corrupted file in a blank document. To do this, select Insert and then File. You can select the ODT file to open it in a blank document.

Excel Repair ODT Files with Third-Party Software

Some third-party software programs are available for repairing corrupt ODT files. OpenOffice Writer Recovery is a popular one. The full version of the software costs about $29 if you purchase it from the publisher’s websites.

After you have installed this software, select the file that you need to fix. Click the document recovery option and select the file that you need to recover. After the file is recovered, save the document.

Make a ZIP File

Converting the ODT file into a ZIP file can also help to retrieve the corrupted document. This method doesn’t exactly fix the file, but it can help you save a lot of valuable information.

The ZIP archive converts the ODT file to an XML one. After you have converted the file, you can save it in a new place.

When you open the XML file in Notepad, you will get all the text as well as the formatting statements of the original document. You can copy and paste the text into a blank document and then save it as an ODT file.

By following all of the above steps, you can easily open and fix corrupted ODT files. We hope that these methods of excel repair helped you recover your ODT files.