How Hangar Events Can Make a Retirement Party Memorable

Hangars offer a unique space for any event. The large amount of space and flexibility will provide you with an excellent experience for your retirement party. A Scottsdale hangar event is a unique and classy space that will make for the perfect retirement party. Our hangar events will please any airplane enthusiast.

Flexible & Unique Space

The large space available at our hangar will give you the flexibility to make your event exactly the way you envision it. Hangar events are also unique and provide your party-goers an experience that they will not forget.

Great Photo Opportunities

One of the benefits of using a Scottsdale hangar event for your retirement party is the great photo opportunities we provide. These photos will help you remember the party for the rest of your life. Our professional photographers will ensure that the photos look wonderful.

At a Scottsdale hangar event, you can set up different stages to take an assortment of different photos to remember your event. Just show up with a smile, and we will do the rest for you and your guests!

Perfect For Plane Enthusiasts

A hangar event is perfect for people who have an interest in planes. This type of event would make a great theme for your party. Whether you are a pilot, veteran, or are someone who simply enjoys planes and flying, a Scottsdale hangar event would be the perfect option for you.

Go Through Your Retirement Party Checklist

You should start by making a complete guest list for your retirement party. People that you should consider including are coworkers, old friends, and family members. Having the right guest list is the most important part about your party.

Creating a budget is also an important step in planning your retirement party. Often expenses can add up and make for a pricey party! If you need help with expenses, it may be worth looking into raising money for the event. You can reach out to family and close friends to see if they would be willing to pitch in.

Sending out nice invitations are essential to having a great retirement party. You can save a copy of the invitation for a memory to look back on, and close family and friends will often do the same. You can also consider using a plane theme for the invitation to fit the hangar event.

Planning fun activities is a great way to keep the energy and mood up at your retirement party! At a Scottsdale hangar event, you will have plenty of room to set up any games that you wish for at your party. Yard games are something that can be enjoyed by everyone and are simple to play.

Your retirement party is a big celebration of your success in life, so don’t cut it short! Spend an adequate amount of time planning, invite the right people, and pick a great theme you are interested in! At Scottsdale hangar events, we will ensure your retirement party is one to remember.