Glittery Confetti Items – The Flavour of the Season

Confetti comprises of small paper or metallic pieces. Tiny bits of these materials are brought together in large quantity to create this cool stuff. Confetti has been an integral part of special events since centuries. It is showered during parades, wedding ceremonies, farewells, birthday parties and several other events. These shiny and colourful particles play a significant role in setting the mood of these occasions and are thus gaining more and more popularity.

Lately, confetti is also being stuffed in various items to make them vibrant and colourful. In fact, such items have become quite a trend these days. Here is a look at few confetti filled items that are the flavour of the season:

Confetti Drinkware

You can lay hands at all kinds of drinkware filled with bright and beautiful confetti. Confetti cups, bottles, tumblers and drink shakers are quite in demand these days. You can easily find these in the market. They add vibrance to the kitchen and make health drinks appear interesting. Using these can boost the intake of such drinks or at least water. Besides, these can very well be used to trick the kids into drinking milk and juices.

Confetti Tote Bags

Tote bags are popular among college goers and shoppers alike. One of the reasons for their popularity is that these are big enough to accommodate enough stuff. But this is not the only reason why these are preferred so much. Their popularity is often accredited to the style they render. Adding confetti to these trendy bags enhances their appeal manifolds. No wonder, several brands have come up with confetti tote bags in numerous colours and shades.

Confetti Pencil Pouches

Just as the tote bags are popular among college goers, the school kids are crazy about pencil pouches. To make the most from this craze, brands keep coming up with different kinds of pencil pouches. These pouches are a popular means to carry the stationery items to school.

Fabric pouches imprinted with cartoon characters have been a favourite among kids since decades. Many stylish versions of these pouches are now making their way into the market. Among these the confetti pencil pouches are the ones that are most in demand. These are stylish yet subtle. You can find exclusive collection of these pouches on sites like Packed Party.

Confetti Phone Wallets

Phone wallets have become increasingly popular over the last few years – from being a simple item of necessity these wallets have grown to become a mark of style. This is the reason why brands are launching these in several new designs and patterns. Confetti phone wallets are the most stylish of the lot.

Confetti Key Chains

Most of us are very picky when it comes to key chains. It is, in fact, one such item that is available in an enormously wide variety thereby adding to the confusion. If there is one variety here for which you don’t have to think twice before making the purchase then it is the one filled with bright, colourful confetti.

Well, all this stuff looks super amazing. How many such items have you collected yet?


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