6 Reasons To Plan Your Holiday Season When You Have Dogs To Consider

We all love a holiday and for most of us it is a well earned reward for all of our hard work. When it comes to preparing for a trip there are two types of people: those that love to plan and those that don’t. For the planners, researching activities and local places of interest can be almost as exciting as the trip itself. Other people don’t want to restrict their holiday with too much planning. For people who have dogs, however, there are extra considerations that must be made for an upcoming trip. 

Here are six reasons to plan your trip when you have dogs to consider.

1. You May Need To Find Someone To Look After Your Dogs Whilst You Are Away

The first thing you must do when planning your trip is to think about who is going to look after your dogs while you are away. Depending on the breed and personality of your dog it may be as simple as finding someone to pop round once a day to feed your pooch and to let it out into the garden for a spot of exercise. If you decide to put your dog into a kennel for the duration of your trip, keep in mind that popular holiday times like school holidays are also the busiest period for kennels so make sure you book well ahead in order to secure a place.

2. There Are Many Places Where You Can Take Your Dogs With You On Your Trip

For many dog owners, a holiday wouldn’t be a holiday without their pet there to enjoy it with them! Take your family camping or book yourselves into a rustic old cottage in the countryside and your dog will have acres of space to run around on. Nowadays there are thousands of Dog Friendly Retreats where your Poodle or Pointer is more than welcome to join you! After all, they are part of the family and should be allowed to enjoy a holiday getaway too. Before you go, be sure to google all the dog-friendly pubs in the local area to take your pet for a post-hike pint.

3. Your Dogs May Need Special Certificates To Travel

If you are planning to take your pet abroad, it is important to do comprehensive research into the relevant travel restrictions and guidelines concerning pets. Some airlines will allow pets to fly, but only in special circumstances or with special certificates of permission. Many countries have strict quarantine laws which make it infeasible to travel there with a pet from another country. Make sure you do your homework and obtain all the necessary documents or your dog could find itself in quarantine while you are hitting the beach.

4. Some Dogs Are Uncomfortable In Unfamiliar Situations

Unfortunately, some dogs do not react well from being away from their homes. Unfamiliar places or situations can cause acute anxiety in some animals and so it is important that your dog has a good temperament and is well trained if you plan to take it on a long-haul flight. Other dogs may become stressed by busy airports or unfamiliar people. Before taking your pet on a longer journey, test it out on shorter trips closer to home and by introducing it to unfamiliar people and situations.

5. Your Dogs May Be Too Young Or Sick To Travel

Another important thing to consider is whether your dog is actually ready to take a trip. Very young puppies who may just be starting to settle in with your family and are overcoming their natural shyness may find the sudden upheaval of a total change in a situation totally overwhelming. If your dog has previously overcome anxiety or trust issues, you do not want to reverse all of the progress it has made by rushing it into a holiday when it is not quite ready. Equally, if your pet has any serious health issues, you will have to consider if you are putting it under any extra stress by taking it on holiday with you.

6. Dog Related Travel Expenses

The final reason that you must plan carefully for a trip with your dog is that there can be many unforeseen expenses which you must take into account when you plan your holiday budget. To enter some countries, dogs may need expensive injections or even a microchip without which they would be denied entry. If you don’t already have one, you will need to buy a suitable carrier to take your dog on the plane or in your car. All these things can start to add up so it is important to do your homework!

Taking all these things into account, bringing your dog along on your holiday can be a wonderful treat for you and your pet! With careful planning, it is easier than ever to have a fantastic getaway with your fantastic furry friend.