5 Easy Instruments to Learn for Adults and Children

Are you looking for the perfect instrument to learn, but nervous to start the journey? Remember that so many instruments are easier to learn than you may think, like the piano or recorder. But getting good at an instrument also takes a lot of discipline, time, and commitment.

Keep reading to see five of the best instruments to pick up and start learning today.

1) Harmonicas

Many love the bluesy and folky music the harmonica creates. However, since the harmonica is played by blowing and drawing in breath, you make be asking yourself: is it easy to play? For the harmonica, all the notes go in a logical order from C to G, so it’s easy to follow this instrument.

Like any other instrument, becoming a great player takes much time and commitment. You can’t play with a toy; you’re going to need one of the best harmonicas that professionals use.

2) Ukelele

Ukeleles are especially great for children that want to learn stringed instruments like the guitar. This instrument is also a good one for beginners, since you can progress onto a regular guitar and a bass guitar. When compared to a guitar, ukeleles also have softer nylon strings, which makes it easier for kids to play and get a better sound.

One of the biggest benefits of getting a ukelele is the price. You can get even the highest quality models for less than 250 dollars, making the ukelele much less expensive than a classic guitar or bass.

If you’d like to find the best ukelele, you can visit sixstringtips.com

3) Drums/Percussion

Most children love playing the drums because they get to make loud sounds and be physical. However, this instrument is much harder to master than it looks.

If playing the drums is too hard because of coordination, learning still allows you to master groove and rhythm. Also, if you ever decide to pick up another instrument, drums will give you a big head start.

Just remember that a set of drums can be really loud, and drum teachers are a bit harder to find than other teachers for singing or piano.

4) Piano

If you or your child want to read music, piano is the best places to start. While it may seem complicated, it’s one of the best instruments to learn about how music is composed. When seeing notes and chords laid out on the piano, you can get a much better grasp of how they work together.

One of the biggest benefits to learning the piano is that it’s easy to find an electric keyboard and a local piano teacher. When you take lessons, you start with finger form and move onto basic exercises, so that no task is too overwhelming.

5) Xylophone

Xylophones are fun to play because nothing else sounds like this instrument! It has keys that are arranged like a piano, but the xylophone keys are hit with a mallet instead.

If you have a baby or small child that likes to play music, xylophones can be a lot of fun for them to play with. While it may seem like just a beginner instrument, xylophones can teach everyone so much about music as the piano.

It Gets Easier

If you find yourself intimidated by learning a musical instrument, there’s no reason to be. Plenty of instruments like the ukulele, drums, or even the harmonica can help you get a grasp of music theory and how to read music. This process will also help you learn complicated instruments to works towards, like the guitar or bass guitar.

Pick up one of these instruments today; you may be surprised about how much you’ll learn.


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