10 Tips for A Successful Solo travel

10 Tips for A Successful Solo travel

1. Know your budget.
 The prime rule of travelling solo is knowing your budget and planning the trip accordingly. There are two scenarios that come up while travelling. If your destination and the travel plan is certain and pre-decided, you need to focus on how much the trip is gonna cost. Although if you have a fixed budget and want to travel, you plan your destination accordingly.

You might want to include car rental fees in your budget if you plan to drive during your vacation. Save yourself the trouble and the hassle by getting an international driver’s permit (IDP) online before you go. An IDP is an officially recognized document that allows you to drive in many foreign countries. It’s a translation of your regular driver’s license and can come in handy if you’re ever pulled over or need to rent a car while you’re abroad.

2. Stay at hostels, solo-friendly accomodations.
When travelling solo, book tourist hostels, small B&Bs, cozy inns and other solo-friendly accomodations. This saves you the extra money you pay for the room & add-ons. You can also enjoy special packages some places provide exclusively to solo travellers and meet new people from around the world travelling solo as well.

3. Carry a Handbag with essentials.
It is one of the most important unstated rules while travelling to carry a handbag/backpack with essentials all the time. Especially while travelling alone as you’re completely self-dependent in an unknown location. Your essentials may vary according to your location, but there are some items that are a must have.

● Water bottle
● Medicines / painkillers
● Torch
● Swiss Army Knife
● Socks
● Any paperwork you may need

4. Travel Alone But Not Lonely
Be cheerful, meet & greet people. Talk to local people, go to local shops and enjoy the vibe of the place. Experience new things, learn how to play poker, try skiing or rafting, just keep making the best of your time.

5. Take your restaurant meal at noon.
Experiencing the authentic food of a place requires you to visit a locally popular restaurant or bar. If you’re travelling solo, the best time to experience a good meal is the afternoon. The food remains the same while there is less crowd and apparently less romance in the air. The aesthetic beauty of a place is also well enjoyed in natural sunlight.

6. Hitch-hike as much as possible.
Hitch-hiking is a very affordable and effective way to travel locally. You meet new people, get to know about the roots of the place and it saves you from burning a big hole in your pocket.

7. Keep online/offline games with you.
Wherever you might be travelling, it is almost impossible to be on the go every time. When you get tired of the rigorous travelling, take a break and play online/offline games to relieve travel stress. Keep games like online poker on your cellular device & earn money on the go.

8. Never back down.
One of the best parts about travelling solo is that you can take that adventure you’ve always thought of. Try paragliding, scuba, bungee & all those things you’ve always wanted. Keep the You Only Live Once attitude alive unless something illegal is on your mind.

9. Enjoy Responsibly.
Out in a different state/country, you are entirely responsible for yourself and your well-being. Go out & enjoy the place you’ve visited, but never lose sense of yourself while in the midst of a solo trip. Your safety & security should be a prime concern.

10. Keep your loved ones informed.
Keep in touch with your loved ones, your family. If you’re at a place where cellular networks are weak or do not exist, inform them in advance about the situation.

Travelling alone is fun, but at an unknown place, it is best to keep your eyes wide open. Enjoy your experience, stay safe & Never Stop Travelling!


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