Knowing the Odds: How to Get Started With Sports Betting

The world of sports betting is fascinating, given the new wave of daily fantasy sports, which has enhanced the betting landscape. However, this wide variety comes a challenge, especially if you are new to the scene. It is vital to understand the intricacies of sports betting if you want to win at it. This knowledge does not come all at once; you must build on it. You will be able to learn more as you gain experience. This article gives you tips on how to get started with sports betting. 

1. Budget Setting

If you want to be experienced at sports betting, the first step is to think carefully about your finances and decide what you are willing to spend. When you budget for sports betting, you know what exactly you can risk on a weekly or monthly business. This step is essential because sports betting can be addictive, and setting such boundaries in advance is beneficial as it helps you stay on track. 

As a beginner, you are likely to lose. This is why it is vital to start with small amounts. Consider how much you can stake per wager. If you are a risk-taker, you can stake more per wager. However, a lower percentage per wager would be better for a start.

2. Decide What You Are Betting On

Gone are the days when you could only bet on mainstream sporting events. Today, betting sites and bookmarks have offerings for literally any professional sport, competition, or league. While this variety is excellent, we have to be responsible for choosing which sport is up to our alley. Realistically, we cannot bet on everything. Deciding before you start betting is, therefore, paramount. 

Many people tend to go with the sport that they already follow as they have prior knowledge, which gives them an advantage. If you are not a sports fan but you would like to try your hand, betting on a few popular sports and then narrowing down to your favorite is the right approach. 

3. Choosing A Betting Site

The most comfortable and most convenient option for placing wagers in sports today is the internet. There is a wide variety of trusted online betting sites that you can invest in as a starter. This option is advantageous because joining requires you to enter a few necessary details and set a password that only you know.

Take your time to choose the right betting site because you will be using your hard-earned money for betting. Look for a website that is known to provide quality service. 

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4. Odds And Wagers

Once you have chosen the betting site, you will need to learn about odds and bets. This is where most of the work is as you will learn how to win.


Odds come in fractional, decimal, and Moneyline formats. We explain more below:

  • Fractional – This format has been used traditionally and is slowly dying out as there are newer and simpler formats that are now used by betting sites. If a website uses this format, it will likely allow you to see the decimal format as well
  • Decimal – In this format, odds are displayed as one number with two decimal points in most cases. You calculate your potential payout by multiplying it with the odd. Odds of 2.00 are considered even odds. They pay out twice as much as you put at stake and have a 50% probability of winning. Odds below 2.00 are considered odds on and have a potential profit less than the stake. Odds of above 2.00 have less than 50% probability of winning.
  • Moneyline – Moneyline odds are commonly used in the US. They consist of a single number that is preceded by either a + or -. A – represents an odds on while a + represents odds against.


For a start, it is wise to know about a few types of wagers. The simplest and most basic is the Moneyline bet that involves wagering on an individual or team that will win. Total wagers require you to bet on whether points in a game will be higher or lower than the betting site’s total. Point spread wagers, on the other hand, are especially popular in the US and used for sports such as football. 

The types of wagers that we have discussed here are not the only ones that exist. However, the information gives you a good start, and soon enough, you will become a pro.

The information we have provided above provides a quick introduction to sports betting. With this information, you are ready to start placing wagers. However, we encourage you to continue learning for a better experience.