Keep Your Dog Busy While You Are At Work or Out

This is quite an important one if you guys work from 9 to 5 and you are a dog owner. You may get worried that your dog is a little bit bored when you are outside work then this article is a savior for you because we’re going to be talking about how to keep your dog entertained up whilst you’re at work or school.

Leave Toys Out

Leaving toys for your dog while you are away is the best way to keep them busy and entertained while you are at work or doing some work outside your house. Remember, more toys you keep for your dog longer they will be occupied. So if you keep you little puppy in dog pet playpens then don’t forget to fill them with various kinds of toys. Bone toys should be some of the toys as chewing reduces the separation anxiety.

Put the TV or Radio On

Yes, this human entertainment thing also works best for dogs as well. The constant noise in the house of TV or radio will make them feel that they are not alone in the house. On TV, you can choose Animal Planet or other channels or shows that have animals in them. The sound of other animals on TV will distract dogs from the quietness of the house.

Provide Your Dog with A Window

This is a great way to keep your dog entertained. The high windows will not work but if you have one that near the floor or to the ceiling then try to make your dog have access to that area because they will just stare out of the window and the time will go so much quicker for your dog. But keep in mind that the dog could pass through the window to outside.

And what’s even better than a window? A whole door. Let your pet go outside your backyard so they can play, explore, and not get bored inside your house. Check this doggie door for sliding glass door and see the benefits of this to your dog.

Organize a Play Date

What we mean by this is if you are going out with your friend and they also have a dog tell them to bring the dog over and then they can just sort of chill together and have a bit of fun times in the house. Honestly, this works so well unless they are quite destructive.

Hire a Dog Walker

Obviously, if you don’t have the capability to walk your dog yourself or you are out of the house and you want to make sure they have a little bit of a walk whilst you are out then, this is a perfect way. Hiring a dog walker will enhance the dog’s friendly nature and walking will be a good exercise for the dog as well.

Introduce Lots of New Toys

New things keep anyone busy and that works the same for the dogs as well. So, introduce new toys to your dog’s toy basket. This will just keep them occupied as they have constantly new things to play with and honestly that I’ll just work amazingly for your dog especially if they last a bit longer.

Invest In a Petcube

A petcube is a perfect way to keep your dog entertained whilst you are out of the house. You can have a little app on your phone, you can literally just log onto the petcube app and you can connect it to your webcam at home. You can talk to your dog, you can throw treats to your dog, and you can do pretty much anything. It is absolutely perfect and great a way to keep your dog entertained while you’re out of the house.