Jesse Neo Releases Gemtracks – A Platform to Buy and Sell Beats

Rising star, Jesse Neo, has been boasting on social media about the release of his new platform, Gemtracks, a website for musicians to buy and sell beats.

The 22-year-old has been making waves since 2017 for his infectious EDM hits that seemed to blare though nightclubs every weekend. Now, he is with us with the latest news about his endeavour into the technology world.

“Despite being raised in a musical family and taking piano and violin classes since I was a kid, a secret that a lot of people don’t know about me is that I have a special interest in technology too,” Neo told us. “It was in around 2017 with the release of my first EDM single, ‘Sex Magic’ that changed everything.”

That year, record labels and YouTube channels began contacting the singer for custom instrumentals and backing tracks. Day in and out, he was on his phone replying to emails and sending sample beats.

“Suddenly an idea hit me from out of the blue,” the singer revealed. “Why not create a website I could list my tracks and let anyone purchase them without having to go through me.”

The idea must had been God-sent because as soon the website was launched, customers were forking out between $99 and $599 for the price of each track. Neo explained that each track can only be bought once, which means the exclusiveness rationalizes the high prices. The customer also gets the complete ownership and copyright transferred to them once they make the purchase.

“A lot producers I met in the studio found out about my website and praised it as a marvellous idea,” Neo continued. “They bugged me to turn the website into a marketplace where anyone could upload their beats to sell too.”

So with those encouragements, Neo gathered a bunch of computer scientists and musicians, some with PhDs, to turn Gemtracks into a virtual marketplace. Today, there are more than 500 tracks listed for sale – and this number is not including tracks that have been sold.

“I think it’s amazing any industry can be moved into the digital world,” the singer expressed. “If I knew how appealing Gemtracks was, I would had done this years ago.”

We had a browse through Gemtracks and came across beats of every genre, including pop, rock, EDM and country. There is even a section filled with informative articles such as How to Be Discovered as a Singer and 100+ Rap Topics. There really doesn’t seem to be a lack of anything that artists won’t find appealing.

We asked Neo about the future of Gemtracks, and he enthusiastically replied with a list of future plans, however one really stuck out.

“My friend and singer-songwriter, Milana Leybovich, who is working with me, suggested turning Gemtracks into a complete platform where musicians anywhere in their creative journeys would be able to utilize,” Neo revealed. “This is why the next step is to allow recording studios to be booked on the website too.”

So, if you are a singer or a producer interested in buying or selling beats, head over to Gemtracks now.

Or, to keep up to date with Jesse Neo and his musical adventure, you can following him on Instagram.


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