How Do You Sell Diabetic Test Strips That Are Unused For Cash Online

Is It Safe To Do It Online?

Yes, it is completely safe to sell your unused diabetic test strips online. There are companies that offer pick up services or drop off locations. However, these may not offer as competitive prices as online resellers. This is because they have to pay to have those services. With online sales, for a much lower price you just mail in the unopened and undamaged boxes. When there are fewer costs there is a high profit for everyone.

Just about any service can do done online these days. Reselling unused or unwanted household goods is no exception. Places like eBay and Craigslist has been around for a long time and is trusts across the web. The act of selling online and mailing goods in isn’t new or strange or dangerous. It is actually an incredibly efficient and effective way to get you cash fast for your unused test strips.

Is Selling Diabetic Strips Legal?

Yes, there is nothing illegal about selling your unused diabetic test strips. Second hand medical equipment is a big business and many people find it incredibly cost effective to buy used rather than the retail price for new goods. Unused diabetic test strips are the same thing as these goods. It is perfectly fine to sell test strips as it has been done for a long time.

There are a few considerations to think about. First, is that you can’t sell any medical items or goods if they are past an expiration date. This regulation is to protect people from getting expired products that may hurt them or cause for inaccurate results.

Second, you can’t sell any medical good that was purchased or received through Medicare or Medicaid. Since these are both federal health programs you are not allowed to profit off of those programs. Your boxes will be marked to indicate such and they won’t be allowed for sale.

Third, the resale companies won’t purchase any box that is damaged or opened. They will only sell undamaged and sealed boxes. This is to protect the next consumer so that they can trust that the strips that they are buying aren’t damaged in any way.

What Are The Benefits To Selling My Unused Diabetic Test Strips?

Get Extra Cash

It is great to get a little extra cash now and again. Having a secure outlet that you can rely on is nice and effective when you want some pocket change for a nice dinner or a new pair of shoes.

De-Clutter Your House

Those unused diabetic test strips don’t just disappear if you don’t use them. They are probably taking up space in a drawer or on a shelf or counter that you could be using for something else. Selling them is a great motivation to clean out that space and get paid to do it.

Help Other People

Just like it is nice to have a little extra cash, it is also nice to get something cheaper than the retail price. Not everyone wants to pay retail all the time for everything. Having a resale program that offers strips for cheap is a great way to save money in tight months.

What Is The Process To Sell Unused Diabetic Test Strips Online?

Register With The Company

Getting set up to sell your unused boxes is easy and straightforward. It isn’t meant to be confusing or hard. Your first need to register an account for easy access to shipping information and payment details.

Mail Out Your Sealed Supplies

Then you need to get the reseller your unused and undamaged boxes. Most if not all of the resellers allow you to mail in the supplies. However, there are a few that have drop-off locations or pick-up services.

Get Paid

All that is left is for you to get paid. You will get paid in cash if it is in person. If you are mailing in your test strips then you will be paid through an online money transfer system like PayPal, trusted around the world for safety and security.

Are There Any Other Benefits Or Bonuses Offered?

Don’t forget to pick a reseller that offers bonuses for larger sales. offers bonus cash each time you hit a certain level each transaction. Not all resellers have this option. So, if you find one, it is a go bet they are worth the time.

Final Thoughts On The Program

Selling your unused diabetic test strips for cash online is an easy way to de-clutter your counters, help someone else, and put a little cash in your pocket.


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